Post: 相聚一刻 Water Under the Bridge



Director: Yichuan Zhang
Screenwriter: Yichuan Zhang
Cast: Yichuan Zhang, Janaé Hu
Producer: Stella Li
Cinematographer: Yichuan Huang
Genre: Featured short film
Length: 16min
Year: 2023
Dialogue: Mandarin Chineseh
Region: China
Production Company: —

故事梗概 Synopsis

两个都偶然回到家乡宜宾的陌生女孩、因为 tinder match 相熟,她们正各自思考着接下来的路,她们中一个刚从北京失去工作搬回老家、一个则是从美国回来休假。其中一个女孩的提问聚拢了两人的思绪:世界会改变自己吗,还是自己会改变。在她们约会的这一天中,提问及讨论将她们之间的问题慢慢揭开。江水与经过的火车,将她们的关系道明。

Two girls, returning to their hometown, Yibin, for different reasons, matched on Tinder. They were each contemplating their next steps: one had just lost her job in Beijing and moved back home, while the other was on vacation after returning from the United States. One of the girls’ question brought their thoughts together: would the world change us, or would we change ourselves? During their date, questions and discussions gradually revealed the issues between them. The river and the passing train illuminated their relationship.

导演介绍 Director’s Biography

张裔川,前 VICE 制片人;自由导演、记者;拥有丰富的音乐资源。处女作短片《相聚一刻》团队包括:2022年 FIRST 惊喜影展入选制片人李兴华、第25届上海国际电影节亚洲新人单元最佳编剧长片《乘船而去》摄影指导黄一川、剧本监制为柏林国际电影节入围导演吴林峰。

Yichuan Zhang, a former VICE producer and director of short films, documentaries, and music videos, is rich in music resources. The team behind her debut short film Water Under the Bridge include Stella Li, selected as a producer at the 2022 FIRST Surprise Film Festival, Yichuan Huang, nominated for cinematography at SIFF for the feature film Gone with the Boat; and the script supervisor Linfeng Wu, nominated director at the Berlin International Film Festival.

导演阐述 Director’s Statement




My hometown, Yibin City, in Sichuan Province, China, is quite a magical place. The turquoise Minjiang River and the muddy Jinsha River converge in Yibin to form the Yangtze River. The Nezha Palace, which is said to have been built after Nezha’s dream, stands tall on a high mountain. “Water” and “bridge” are symbols there. When I returned to Yibin during the Chinese New Year in 2023, I discovered many interesting scenes through meticulous exploration that I had never experienced before.

As a girl, I wrote from a girl’s perspective, depicting conversations among girls and exploring relationships among girls. I also portrayed the role of the black-haired girl.

The same level of creativity put into the visuals was also put into the music production, with all the music and sound design being original. When I decided to use a location where a train passes by as one of the scenes, I chose to experiment with the jazz music composition using saxophone combined with the sounds of train whistles and rumbling noises. I found Danni Ye, who is an excellent domestic music producer, for the sound design and the original music production of the entire film.