Post: 看不见的舞者 Unseen Dancer



Director: Kevin Corbeil Palma
Screenwriter: Kevin Corbeil Palma
Cast: Johnny Wu, Ramona Kim, Zi Li, Maya Sealy & Alexia Acuña
Producer: Kevin Corbeil Palma & Evan Werbin
Cinematographer: Enzo Murthy
Genre: Short film – Psychological Drama
Length: 6min24s
Year: 2023
Dialogue: No dialogue
Region: Canada
Production Company: Vancouver Film School

故事梗概 Synopsis


As he is getting prepared to perform for the first time in a queer underground ballroom, Luca explores a jewel box that belonged to his mother. Now ready, he attempts to impress three stern judges and a crowd on the dance floor, but suddenly gets interrupted by the presence of his deceased mother, who stares at him. Trying to break this static and silent moment, Luca opens his arms to her, and she immediately embraces her son, relieving him from a huge emotional weight. Dancing together with the crowd, she slowly disappears, and Luca receives a trophy for his performance.

导演介绍 Director’s Biography

凯文·科贝尔·帕尔马是一位法裔加拿大-巴拿马籍作家兼导演,出生于加拿大魁北克省鲁安诺兰达。他的作品以人物为中心展开故事,探索文化身份、酷儿、家庭、移民、同化、死亡、悲伤、旅行和自我发现等主题。他因两部酷儿短片《Unseen Dancer》(2023年)和《Intentsity》(2023年)而闻名。他还执导了一部短片《母亲、死亡和其余》(Mothers, Deaths, & the Rest)(2022年),探讨创造力作为应对悲伤的途径这一主题。他以优异的成绩毕业于温哥华电影学院,主修导演和摄影。受家庭观影氛围的耳濡目染,他对电影的热情在青少年时期越发强化,当时他的父亲给了他一台索尼手持摄像机,让他在德国做交换生期间捕捉到美好的回忆。在家乡的大学学习自然科学后,凯文搬到蒙特利尔,进入一所私立传播学院学习。由于渴望在陌生的地方获得新的体验,他决定在踏上电影之路之前与哥哥一起环游世界几年。 这次伟大的冒险也是纪念他们死去的父母的一种方式。在进行了两次周游亚洲的背包旅行和一次美国的长途公路旅行之后,兄弟俩借此机会更深入地了解了父母在巴拿马和秘鲁的原生家庭。凯文已经完成了许多短片,致力于创作具有深刻变革性的故事,这些故事将点燃希望,并帮助建立一个更加宽容的世界。

Kevin Corbeil Palma is a French Canadian-Panamanian writer & director who was born in Rouyn-Noranda, Québec, Canada. His work revolves around character-driven stories exploring the themes of cultural identity, queerness, family, immigration, assimilation, death, grief, traveling and self-discovery. He is known for the two queer short films Unseen Dancer (2023) and Intentsity (2023). He also directed Mothers, Deaths, & the Rest (2022), a short documentary exploring the theme of creativity as a path to cope with grief. He graduated with Honours the Vancouver Film School, with specializations in Directing and Cinematography. Raised in a home where watching movies was one of the main family activities, his passion for cinema solidified during his teenage years when his father gave him a Sony handheld camcorder to capture great memories during his experience as an exchange student in Germany. After studying natural sciences at the college in his hometown, Kevin relocated to Montreal to enter a private school of communication. Thirsty for new experiences in unfamiliar places, he made the decision to travel the world for few years with his brother before embarking on the path of cinema. This grand adventure was also a way to honor the deaths of their mother and father. Following two extensive backpacking excursions in Asia and an extended road trip in the USA, the brothers took the opportunity to become more deeply acquainted with their parents’ families of origin in Panama and Peru. With many completed short films under his belt, Kevin strives to create deeply transformative stories that will ignite hope and assist in building a more tolerant world.

导演阐述 Director’s Statement

“出柜见亡者”。没有更好、更简单的方式来表达心理剧《看不见的舞者》的核心内容。在 2SLGBTQIAP+全球社区发布的大量故事中,有些是我们无法做到的。要么我们在亲人去世前没有积聚足够的内心力量,要么他们离开得太早。经历这种情况的人们面临着令人畏惧的死胡同。站在这堵坚不可摧的墙前,他们的内心充满了无法表达的感情,夹杂着疑问、恐惧、怀疑,以及脑海中产生的无数折磨人的情景。没有具体解决方案,这就是这部短片所探讨的主题。

由于我们处于无法言说的领域,《看不见的舞者》是一部没有任何对话的音乐和视觉作品。 随着同性恋者卢卡即将在地下酷儿舞厅首次表演,观众将体验到主角的亲密和情感的双重现实。 当他下定决心在更衣室里打开他已故母亲遗赠的木盒子时,我们也见证了他第一次在舞池上惊艳观众的尝试。卢卡对这一遗产发掘的每一个细节都与他在舞厅的表演相呼应。他母亲在舞池上的超现实主义现身不仅映射了他从未有机会的出柜,也是他悲伤过程的一部分。这次神秘邂逅的结果代表了卢卡选择的一种心态,他不想再忍受自己未解的问题和无尽的怀疑。

《看不见的舞者》是一个充满活力、丰富多彩的简单故事,演员和工作人员充满多元化,并向20世纪80年代和90年代初纽约市的酷儿舞厅文化致敬。这些活动代表了2SLGBTQIAP+ 社群团结并克服不同少数族裔、性别认同和性取向污名的一种方式。Luca的表演灵感来自于1970 年代迪斯科时代洛杉矶2SLGBTQIAP+俱乐部的一种名为“waacking”的即兴舞蹈。我们谨代表这个美丽项目背后的整个团队,衷心感谢您观看这部电影。

“Coming out to the Dead”. There is no better nor simpler way to express what lies at the core of the psychological drama “unseen dancer”. Amongst the plethora of coming out stories from the 2SLGBTQIAP+ global community, there are the ones we cannot do. Either we did not gather enough inner strength before our loved ones passed away, or they just left too early. People going through this situation face a daunting dead end. Standing in front of this impenetrable wall, their hearts are burdened with unexpressed feelings mixed with questions, fears, doubts, and countless torturous scenarios created in the mind. Without finding a specific solution, this is the subject tackled in this short film.

Since we are in the realm of what is unspoken, “unseen dancer” is a musical and visual piece without a single word of dialogue. Following Luca, a gay man who is about to put himself out there and perform for the first time in an underground queer ballroom, the audience will experience an intimate and emotional dual reality of the protagonist arc. As he summons the resolve to open a wooden box bequeathed from his deceased mother in the dressing room, we also witness his first attempt to impress a crowd on the dance floor. Every detail of Luca’s exploration of this legacy is echoed in his performance in the ballroom. The surrealist appearance of his mother on the dance floor not only reflects the coming out he never had time to do, but also a part of his grieving process. The outcome of this mysterious encounter represents a state of mind chosen by Luca, who no longer wants to suffer from his unanswered questions and endless doubts.

“Unseen Dancer” is a vibrant and colorful simple story with a diverse cast and crew that pay tribute to the queer ballroom culture of New York City during the 1980s and early 1990s. These events represent a way for the 2SLGBTQIAP+ community to unite and overcome the stigmas around different ethnic minorities, gender identities and sexual orientations. Luca’s performance is inspired from a freestyle dance called “waacking”, from the 2SLGBTQIAP+ clubs of Los Angeles during the 1970s disco era. On behalf of the whole team behind this beautiful project, we sincerely thank you for watching this film.