Post: 七个月亮 Seven Moons



Director: Ellen Yang
Screenwriter: Ellen Yang
Cast: Fanyin Zhou, Yidan Sun
Producer: Bishui Li
Cinematographer: Bishui Li
Genre: Featured short film
Length: 10min
Year: 2023
Dialogue: Mandarin Chinese
Region: China
Production Company: NewSpring Film

故事梗概 Synopsis


Bai is a gay girl, and she discovers that she is unexpectedly pregnant and decides to hide it from her girlfriend (Chuan) and goes to miscarriage alone. Chuan finds the pregnancy test sticks in Bai’s color palette oil pot, she wants to ask Bai about the truth, but Bai keeps avoiding her and gives the photo of the embryo to Chuan. Chuan decides to take the initiative to find Bai, she comes to Bai’s rooftop studio and finds Bai is burning the painting, then she jumps off the rooftop after telling Chuan a fable.

导演介绍 Director’s Biography


Ellen Yang is studying at Shandong University of Arts, and wrote the scripts Boneand Blind Marriage.

导演阐述 Director’s Statement


I wanted to convey to the audience the theme of freedom through the film, that as human beings, we have the right to choose our own lives without being constrained. In the current society, we have a lot of restrictions brought by the outside world, you can’t talk about politics, you can’t refuse unfair treatment, you have to conform to your gender, and you have to shoot films that are recognized by the mainstream. But let’s look at our own lives now, people are born with the ability to create life, we are given the ability to do such things, people can do something with their own material bodies, this can be done, gay girls can also get pregnant, as girls can also like girls, You can create art, and you can also destroy everything you create, even yourself, as long as you feel that this is yourself, you can do anything.