Post: 蘭父 Orchi(D)ad



Director: Qi Heng
Screenwriter: Qi Heng
Cast: —
Producer: —
Cinematographer: Qi Heng, Zhou Nan
Genre: Short documentary, Experimental film
Length: 22min30s
Year: 2023
Dialogue: Mandarin Chinese
Region: China
Production Company: —

故事梗概 Synopsis


Orchi(D)ad, as the name suggests, is about “orchid”, about “father” or “patriarchy”. The film mainly outlines ten films related to the symbol “orchid”, emphasizing the connection and entanglement between “orchid” and multiple themes: sex and lust, myth and colonial imagination, collective history, and personal memory, etc. The film quietly shuttles between truth and lies in the form of “storytelling”, attempting to capture the hidden desires and constraints of the encounters in their hearts like mimic orchids.

导演介绍 Director’s Biography


Qi Heng was born in Guangdong. He graduated in 2018 with a BA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts, and in 2023 from the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a major in the direction of experimental video art research. His practice involves video and writing, and he mainly thinks about how to become a “storyteller”. Recently, he often used specific animals and plants as the source of creation and research, attempting to reproduce the multiple emotions and complex entanglements ignored by mainstream Eco-Narrative. Collecting and organizing stories is an indispensable task for new Eco-Narrative, and Catriona Mortimer-Sandilands’ queer ecologies are his effective theoretical support in reconnecting and constructing relationships and narratives between humans and non-humans. Identified as queer, he has been looking for forms and structures that overlap with “misfortune”, which leads him to focus not only on marginalized communities and queer flora and fauna, but also on all the “ta” who encounter discrimination, exploitation, violence, displacement, and depression.

导演阐述 Director’s Statement

对于兰科植物的兴趣,起源于我在大卫·林奇的《双峰镇》中接触到的一位男性虚构配角:哈德罗.史密斯(Harold Smith)。我对这名患幽闭恐惧症的“兰花男”有一种难言的共情感,这导致我带着迷惑对兰花进行多方位的文化研究。2020年某一天父亲偶然说起自己养铁皮石斛的经验,让我意识到没有比他更适合反馈我对“兰花”的多年关注,于是早在这一年便有了《蘭父》的主题想法。2023年,当我完成这部自己逃避已久的作品时,我感到如释重负,从某种意义上来说,《蘭父》救赎了自己。

My interest in orchids originated from Harold Smith, a male fictional supporting role in David Keith Lynch’s Twin Peaks. I have an indescribable empathy for this “orchid man” who suffers from claustrophobia, which leads me to conduct multi-dimensional cultural research on orchids with confusion. One day in 2020, my father accidentally mentioned his experience of raising Dendrobium officinale Kimura et Migo, which made me realize that there was no one more suitable than him to give feedback on my years of attention to “orchids”. Therefore, I had the theme idea of Orchi(D)ad as early as that year. In 2023, when I completed this work that I had been avoiding for a long time, I felt a sense of relief. In a sense, Orchi(D)ad redeemed me.