Post: 大地的孩子 Kama’aina



Director: Kimi Howl Lee
Screenwriter: Kimi Howl Lee
Cast: Aria Alexander, Twinkle Borge, Nainoa Brown-Kahananui
Producer: Sabina Friedman-Seitz, Anastasia Solovieva
Cinematographer: —
Genre: Short narrative
Length: 15min
Year: 2020
Dialogue: English
Region: Hawaii (USA)
Production Company: —

故事梗概 Synopsis

遭受继父虐待后,16岁酷儿Mahina不得不流落街头,直到她最终在Puuhonuao Waianae(夏威夷最大的有组织的无家可归者营地)找避难所。

 After suffering abuse from her stepfather, a 16 y/o queer Mahina must navigate life on the streets, until she eventually finds refuge at the Puuhonua o Waianae – Hawaii’s largest organized homeless encampment

导演介绍 Director’s Biography

基米·豪尔·李是一位来自纽约市的作家和导演,毕业于斯坦福大学电影和媒体研究项目。基米的职业生涯始于为Snapchat Inc.策划短片内容的故事编辑,之后全职从事电影制作。基米的故事片《MOUTH》在2015年BlueCat编剧大赛中荣获最佳叙事长片大奖,随后登上TrackingBoard 2015年最佳未制作剧本“热门榜单”。她还编写并导演了一部简短的概念验证影片《SUGAR》,该影片在电影节上取得了成功,并入围了圣丹斯编剧实验室的决赛。Kimi最近在Amazon Studios + Blossom Films的电视剧《外籍人士》中工作,该剧改编自《纽约时报》畅销小说。她目前是Netflix剧集《洛克与钥匙》的故事编辑,该剧由卡尔顿·库斯担任执行制片,改编自流行的漫画小说。基米是Film Independent 2019 Episodic Lab和Women In Film的Multi-hyphenate指导计划的参与者。

Kimi Howl Lee is a writer and director from New York City, and is a graduate of Stanford University’s Film and Media Studies program. Kimi began her career as a Story Editor curating short-form content for Snapchat Inc., before transitioning full time to filmmaking. Kimi’s feature script, MOUTH, won the grand prize for Best Narrative Feature in the 2015 BlueCat Screenwriting Competition, subsequently landing on the TrackingBoard’s 2015 “Hit-List” of best unproduced scripts. She also wrote and directed SUGAR, a short proof of concept, which had a successful festival run and was a finalist for the Sundance Screenwriters Lab. Kimi was most recently staffed on the Amazon Studios + Blossom Films drama series THE EXPATRIATES, based off the NYTimes best-selling novel. She is currently a story editor on Netflix’s LOCKE AND KEY, executive produced by Carlton Cuse and based off of the popular graphic novel. Kimi was a participant in Film Independent’s 2019 Episodic Lab, and Women In Film’s Multi-hyphenate mentorship program. She is currently repped by UTA and Kaplan Perrone.