Post: 永恒酷儿 Forever Queer


制片公司:Mar Vivo Films Limited

Director: Candle Leung
Screenwriter: Candle Leung, RY MAK
Cast: —
Producer: RY MAK
Cinematographer: Rose Ng
Genre: Documentary
Length: 38min
Year: 2022
Dialogue: Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, English
Region: China Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore
Production Company: Mar Vivo Films Limited

故事梗概 Synopsis

《永恒酷儿》是一部讲述华人LGBT生活的纪录片。我们贴身采访来自中国内地、台湾地区、香港地区和新加坡的华人LGBT者。Siu Fung,打破性别刻板印象的非二元性别健美者;Dino & Geoffrey,基督徒新婚男同性恋夫夫;Hsiu,见证台湾通过同性婚姻法案的女同性恋;Liang,拒绝“中国传统”形婚的内地年轻男同性恋;Abby & Betty,在婚姻中爱情长跑23年的女同性恋伴侣…通过他们,我们看见关于自我认同、爱情、婚姻和个人不同经历的酷儿故事,同时勾勒出各华人地区带给LGBT的捆绑与释放。

Forever Queer is a documentary that explores the lives of people within the Chinese LGBT community. We held intimate interviews with various people from China Mainland, Taiwan region, Hong Kong region and Singapore: Siu Fung, a non-binary bodybuilder who breaks gender stereotype; Dino & Geoffrey, Christian gay newlyweds; Hsiu, a lesbian who witnessed the legalization of same-sex marriages in Taiwan; Liang, a gay young man who rejects the Chinese traditional fake marriages; Abby & Betty, lesbian couple in a happy marriage for 25 years… The film questions identities, love, marriage and other personal queer experiences, while highlighting the constraints or freedoms that each place might bring to LBGT.

导演介绍 Director’s Biography

梁圣辉(Candle Leung),法国籍视频制作人,他的职业生涯由舞台开始,六岁起便在父亲的歌剧团进行表演和演唱。他能说中文,也曾在北京跟随大师学习昆曲。除了在法国工作,他在亚洲已超过10年,当中地区包括香港、北京、上海、广东、台湾、新加坡等。他曾与商业品牌(Louis Vuitton、Hermès,ING…)、知名法国和香港电影制片人(阿萨亚斯、彭浩翔…)、国际电视台(Channel 4、TV5 Monde、Bravo TV…)等合作。

Candle Leung is a French video producer, he started his career on the stage, acting and singing in his father’s opera troupe since the age of 6. He is a Chinese speaker, and he also practiced the art of Kunqu Opera with a master in Peking. Except the work in France, he has been based in Asia for more than 10 years, including Hong Kong, Peking, Shanghai, Canton, Taiwan, Singapore. He has cooperated with commercial brands (Louis Vuitton, Hermès, ING…), reputable French and Hong Kong filmmakers (Olivier Assayas, Pang Ho-Cheung…), as well as international TV networks (Channel 4, TV5 Monde, Bravo TV…).

导演阐述 Director’s Statement


I have been living in Hong Kong Region and China Mainland for more than 10 years, and I always heard friends telling me that the Chinese tradition goes against homosexuality or gender fluidity. But in fact, looking at the ancient Chinese culture and art, you can find many stories or “gay/lesbian-related” themes, and my friends are also more tolerant than I thought they would be. In this film, I want to present my observation in a visually entertaining and thought-provoking way.