Post: 断掌 Curve



Director: Dan Zeng
Screenwriter: Dan Zeng
Cast: Wenrui Shang, Fengwei Xian
Producer: Xiaoqian He
Cinematographer: Yuchi Zhao
Genre: Featured Short Film
Length: 30min
Year: 2023
Dialogue: Mandarin Chinese, Chongqing dialect
Region: China
Production Company: —

故事梗概 Synopsis


As a campus thug, He Zhenye has long been involved in a campus bullying campaign against Lin Sheng based on gay discrimination. However, unlike other thugs, He Zhenye has a secret in his heart that he, like Lin Sheng, is a gay man. During the confrontation with Lin Sheng, He Zhenye achieved self-identity and rescued Lin Sheng from various dangers. In the end, the two successfully resisted oppression in their respective ways and achieved two-way redemption.

导演介绍 Director’s Biography


Zeng Dan, born in Chongqing, based in Beijing. Master of Arts in Film at Communication University of China.  

导演阐述 Director’s Statement


There are two themes in Curve, one is campus bully at the physical level, and the other is identity at the spiritual level. The origin of this story is my personal experience. It was me who was nicknamed, locked up in the restroom, and splashed with water. I successfully fought back against that bullying, and the result of the gangster dropping out of school was true. The outcome of my encounter with the gangster at the shampoo shop was also true. However, the person who bullied me was not He Zhenye, and I was not as brave as Lin Sheng. Campus gender violence is actually rare to actually engage in violence, and Lin Sheng is an ideal that I have not been able to achieve. I also hope that the short film can give people who have the same experience or are experiencing it the courage to face oppression and resist oppression directly.