Post: 色·空 Wegen Hegel


制片人:Junus Baker、Daniel Tenné
摄影:Till Beckert

Director: Popo Fan
Screenwriter: Popo Fan
Cast: Zenghao Yang, Julian Moritz
Producer: Junus Baker, Daniel Tenné
Cinematographer: Till Beckert
Genre: Fiction short
Length: 15min
Year: 2023
Dialogue: Mandarin Chinese, German
Region: Germany, Taiwan China
Production Company: 70Steps

故事梗概 Synopsis

“真实即理性,理性即真实”,德国哲学家黑格尔如是说。然而,当疫情袭击德国时,理性不再。刚开启攻读哲学专业的中国留学生平面临重重障碍:敌意、孤独、封锁。在交友应用程式上,他收到了马克斯发来的挑逗照片以及诱人的”保持社交距离的约炮”计划。平顺水推舟,踏上了这段冒险之旅。在神秘药物的助力之下,他春情荡漾,跃跃欲试,然而一本黑格尔的书将他带入自由意志和现实的思考中,喋喋不休,气得马克斯从床上跃起,两人大吵。平逃离现场,并陷入了药物体验中。第二天早上,他做出了另一个意想不到的发现 – 这一切都是因为黑格尔(Wegen Hegel)。

“The real is rational, and the rational is real”, says German Philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. But when the pandemic hits Germany, everything changes. Chinese student PING just started his philosophy studies and faces many obstacles: hostility, loneliness, lockdown. On a dating app he receives spicy photos from MAX, who proposes a “social distance hook-up”. Ping is excited and embarks on his adventure. Offered a mysterious drug, he is about to have sex, when he suddenly notices a book by Hegel. It sucks him into a drug induced reflection about free will and reality, which kills the vibe of the moment. He flees after an argument and loses himself in the drug experience. The next morning, he makes another unexpected discovery – and all that because of Hegel (Wegen Hegel).

导演介绍 Director’s Biography

范坡坡是一位酷儿导演、作者和活动家。作品中影响力最大的莫过于“彩虹家庭三部曲”,包括《柜族》《彩虹伴我心》《彩虹伴我行》三部作品关注于同志出柜议题,引起巨大社会反响。除此之外他参与组织北京酷儿影展十余年,也是酷儿大学视频训练营的发起者之一。2012年,香港同志影展授予他“玲珑大奖”以表彰其在同志影像、平权的不懈努力。2017年,他获选参与柏林电影节“天才训练营”。2019,他更担任柏林电影节泰迪熊奖评委。  目前他居住柏林正着力发展自己的剧情长片首作。

Popo Fan is a filmmaker, writer, and activist from China, where his queer documentary films have made a notable impact. Since 2016, he has concentrated on writing and directing scripted, sex-positive shorts. He is the co-founder of the Queer University Video Training Camp and has been an organizer of the Beijing Queer Film Festival for more than a decade. Popo was invited to sit on the jury of the Teddy Award of the Berlinale in 2019. He is currently based in Berlin developing his fictional feature debut.

导演阐述 Director’s Statement


When I just moved from China to Germany, Hegel’s books were my methodology to understand the new society that I’m in. I was fascinated by hisphylosophy of rationalism. With the breakout of the COVID pandemic it offers even more possibilities to interpret truth and reality. With these inspirations, I wrote and directed “Wegen Hegel”. I believe that in the “post-COVID” time, these captures still reflect our contemporary life in a way.