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莎莎 Shasha


一个很偶然的机会, 我听到了莎莎的故事。通过朋友的介绍, 我认识了莎莎。经过半年时间的相互了解, 我和莎莎成为了好朋友。2 0 0 6 年5 月的一天, 我带着好奇, 跟着莎莎从成都来到贵阳, 来到她工作和生活的地方, 走进了她的世界。
没有华丽的镜头, 没有好莱坞式3 分钟激情的开场。一切都在平淡中慢慢地开始了, 犹如我们邻家小妹的故事。可能有人会说这个影片过于平凡和琐碎, 其实这两点就是我们人生的主体。一群吃盒饭的艺人; 一群天天睡懒觉的艺人; 一个只有两套衣服、不知姓名和年龄四处流浪的艺人; 一个当过小记者的艺人; 一个为一元钱争得面红耳赤的艺人; 两个女人的喜怒哀乐; 她和他和她的矛盾… … 这些就是我努力想表现的平凡和琐碎。
莎莎是一个很有才气的姑娘。她的演唱和自白贯穿影片。我在这里要感谢她面对镜头时所表现出来的真诚和勇敢。通过她的坦诚, 我看到了一个痛苦伴随童年的莎莎, 成长为一个社会边缘人和另类的莎莎。
此刻无语… …
98mins, 2006, documentary
Director: liuBo
A strolling actress ShaSha comes to Guiya­ng from Chengdu. She lives in a simple and crude room with her fellows, and shuttles among the entertainment places to find chance of performance. ShaSha has come into the society to live by herself since she was just in her teenage, so she has been early used to the life of opposite day and night. She considers herself as a mean actress. Although she always performs in those tiny nightclubs, she still feels satis­fied. Her daily life consists of performing, having meals, sleeping, go shopping with her fellows occasionally, and play mahjong to pass the time.
One day, ShaSha’s girlfriend Butterfly takes a model group to Guiyang for performance. Her sudden appearance brings ShaSha an unexpected surprise. When there is no performance, they two stroll every corner of the city. ShaSha loves Butterfly in her own way, but they two still argue with each other because of some misunderstanding. After a bitter quarrel, Butterfly disappears from ShaSha.
In only a few days’ time, ShaSha has once again experienced a reverse of emotion. However, life doesn’t stop by it. ShaSha continues her performance in Guiyang, and continues to play the role of “She” and “He” both on the stage and in her true life…)
Director statement:
“I heard about the story of Sha Sha by chance. By my friend’s introduction, Sha Sha and I became to know about each oth­er. After half a year’s communication, she and I became good friends. One day in May of 2006, with my curiosity, I followed Sha Sha to Guiyang from Chengdu. I came to the place where she worked and lived, and I came into her world.
There is no magnificent scene, no Holly­wood’s 3 minutes’ exciting opening. All be­gins slowly in milk and water, and it is just like the story of our sister in neighborhood. Maybe some people would think the film too insignificant and trifling, but in fact they are just the mainstay of our life. A group of artists who eat box lunch everyday, a group of artists who lie in everyday, an artist who has just two dresses and wanders around without name and age, an artist who had been a journalist, an artists who colors up to the ears in arguing for one yuan, the joy, anger, sorrow and happiness of two wom­en, the conflicts among her and her and him … these are all the insignificance and trifling that I want to show.
Sha Sha is a talented girl. Her singing and confession run through the film. Here, I should give my thanks to her sincere and braveness in front of the shot. Through her sincere, I have seen Sha Sha with her pain­ing childhood grows up to a special person living at the verge of society.
I have no word at this moment …”