Post: 林月珍女士 Truthless


主演:吴嘉辉 赵晨阳

Director: Badou Zhao
Screenwriter: Badou Zhao
Cast: Jiahui Wu, Chenyang Zhao
Producer: Qiongdan Zhang
Cinematographer: Lishuo Chen
Genre: Feature short
Length: 27min
Year: 2022
Dialogue: Chinese
Subtitles: Chinese, English
Region: China
Production Company: Youth Film Studio

故事梗概 Synopsis


Transgender stand-up comedian Lady Lin was discontented with her performances that used her identity as the punchline. One day, her estranged older brother showed up, bringing back the pain and grief she suffered when she had been disowned by their parents seven years ago. Her brother informed her of their mother’s recent death and saw the loneliness behind her glamorous facade. Touched, she decided to visit her hometown, only to hear that her parents had lied to everyone that she had died years ago to conceal her transgender identity. She turned around and left resolutely, with her only hope of reconciliation with her family through the fantasies she performed onstage.

导演介绍 Director Biography



Zhao Badou, male, born April 1998, Taurus. Graduated from Beijing Film Academy class of 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in screenwriting, having written and directed several short films and documentaries. Likes to observe the daily life of superlative characters and the superlative emotions of normal people.

Works: 2017 short film “,Le bateau ivre” 2018 documentary “PEK”

导演阐述 Director Statement


At the very beginning, what I want to express was simple: I wanted to show a small episode in the life of a person who is used to lying to themselves and others. People like this are complicated and dual-natured — the reality of life versus the self-made fantasies. There are two groups of people that I follow closely and both share this characteristic to varying degrees: transgender people and stand-up comedians. Lin Yuezhen, the protagonist of the film, is highly ambivalent because of this; on one hand, she has clear unmet emotional needs, but she displays hostility because of her dignity and pride and is simultaneously afraid of moving forward. On the other hand, I was not set on resolving the character’s struggles or forcing a reconciliation. A phrase that has come up a lot in this pandemic is “asymptomatic carrier” — I believe most people have suffered pain and hurt, but they live their lives carrying this pain “asymptomatically” through their daily struggles against themselves. I completed this film with two insights above in mind.