Post: 报恩记 Touch of Freedom


主演:杨西悦 王彦悦
摄影:郭好⾬ 廖楚鸿

Director: Miao Keyan
Screenwriter: Miao Keyan
Cast: Yang Xiyue, Wang Yanyue
Producer: Yin Ke
Cinematographer: Guo Haoyu, Liao Chuhong
Genre: Featured short
Length: 5min32s
Year: 2022
Dialogue: No dialogue
Subtitles: Chinese, English
Region: China
Production Company: None

故事梗概 Synopsis

在宋代时期,⼀位闺阁中的⼩姐在河边遇到了⼀个昏迷的裸⼥,在救醒裸⼥后,却被裸⼥缠住身体,裸⼥好奇的舔舐她,却 不⼩⼼吞下了⼩姐的⼀枚⽿环,之后便悄⽆声息的逃⾛了。 ⼩姐回到家中,取下发簪,擦净妆容,幻想⾃⼰也像那个裸⼥ ⼀样⾃由⾃在。突然间敲⻔声响起,仆⼈端上了⼀碗蛇羹,⼩姐推脱后,还是⽆奈的喝下,突然她喝到了⼀个硬物,⼀看碗中,躺着她遗失的那枚⽿环。

In Song Dynasty, ancient China, a young lady in a boudoir met an unconscious naked girl by the river. She saved the girl by waking her up but was then entangled by the girl. The nude girl curiously licked her with its tongue but accidentally swallowed one of the young lady’s earrings, and disappeared with no sound. The young lady reached home, she took off her hairpins and removed her makeups while fantasizing herself living as freely as the nude girl. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. The servant brought a bowl of snake soup for the young lady to drink. She couldn’t refuse, so she drank it. She drank something hard, so she took a look in the bowl, her lost earring laid.

导演介绍 Director Biography

缪可⾔,⼥,23 岁,⽬前就读于上海戏剧学院,影视导演专业,导演短⽚ 5 部,作品偏好⼥性主义题材以及对性少数群体的写照,本科就读 于浙江传媒学院,戏剧影视⽂学专业。

Miao Keyan. Female, 23 years old, currently studying at Shanghai Theatre Academy, majored in film and television directing, have directed 5 short films, and my works prefer related to feminism and caring for queer group. And I used to study at Communication University of Zhejiang, majored in drama, film and television literature.

导演阐述 Director Statement

本⽚在题材上,有着中国古代特有的志异⾊彩,其次内核上也 有与时俱进的⼥性主义设置。 两个⼥主⼈公分别过着不⼀样的⽣活,闺阁⼩姐拥有⽗权 制度下不由⾃主的“美丽”,⽽蛇妖则是⾃然与野性以及不被驯化 的代表。两者身份在碰撞时,与中国古代特有的⽂化背景产⽣了 奇妙的碰撞,⼆⼈之间的感情超脱于传统的“爱情”。

In terms of theme, this film has the unique color of folktale in ancient China. Secondly, the core also has the feminist setting of keeping pace with the times. The two heroines live different lives. The lady of the boudoir has the involuntary “beauty” under the patriarchal system, and the snake girl is the representative of nature and wildness and not being domesticated. When the two identities collide, they also have a wonderful collision with the unique cultural background

Beijing Queer Film Festival – Love Queer Cinema Week of ancient China.