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Director: Siyuan Liu
Screenwriter: Siyuan Liu
Cast: Yi Tian
Producer: Chengqing Zhu
Cinematographer: Yingying “Sherry” Qian
Genre: Featured short
Length: 32min
Year: 2022
Dialogue: Chinese
Subtitles: Chinese, English
Region: China
Production Company: None

故事梗概 Synopsis


During post-pandemic in Wuhan, a young woman, Y, who is isolated in this new city, tries to build connections with different people and objects to fill the void in her heart.

导演介绍 Director Biography

刘思源,1997年出⽣于湖北武汉,本科就读于武汉⼤学,获得⼴播电视学与英语翻译双学位,研究⽣毕业于加州艺术学院电影导演专业。⼈⽣的前21年都没有远离家乡,却逐渐忘记家乡话该怎么说的异乡⼈。电影导演,⼴播发烧友,⽂字爱好者,野⽣唱作⼈。⽤话语和⽂字记录⽣活、收集故事,再⽤影像和声⾳传递情感、讲述故事。其作品多聚焦于⼈与⼈、⼈与环境甚⾄⼈与⾃身的亲密关系。在共情与理性之间拉扯,在理想主义和⽝儒主义之间寻求平衡,企图将“孤 独”、“虚⽆”、“理解”等飘在空中的词汇落到实处,希望让观众在虚假的构建中收获属于⾃⼰的最真切感受。播客《波波⼩电台》创始⼈、主播、录⾳师、剪辑师,⾃2016年以来,⽤每周⼀期的频率记录当下的⽣活和思考。

Siyuan Liu was born in Wuhan, Hubei, China in 1997. She double majored in Radio and Television Science and English Translation and Interpreting in Wuhan University for her bachelor’s degree and is now studying MFA film directing program in CalArts. A stranger who spent the first 21 years of her life in her hometown, but gradually forgot how to speak her native dialect. As a film director, a radio enthusiast, a literature lover and a wild songwriter, she uses chats and words to record life and collect stories, and then uses images and sounds to convey emotions and tell stories. Most of her works focus on the intimate relationships between people, between people and the outside environment and even between people and their inner worlds. She tries to draw a balance between empathy and rationality, between idealism and cynicism. She tries to put words floating in the air like ‘loneliness’, ‘void’ and ‘understanding’ into reality, hoping to let the audience gain the most authentic feelings of their own in the fiction construction. She is also the founder, anchor, recording engineer and editor of the podcast ‘BOBO Radio’, which has been recording her life and thoughts at that moment with the frequency of a weekly issue since 2016.

导演阐述 Director Statement




I wrote this story while being alone in my small apartment in the United States during the pandemic in 2020.

At that time, the sense of emptiness and loneliness, mixed with the worries about my hometown Wuhan, formed a strange circle of numbness and tension. I was eager for real contact with people, and had more time to trace back my memories. I also hoped that every brave but fragile person could find their own strength.

After all, it’s like we’re all living in a pause.