Post: 将你画入 Draw you into


主演:樊丛 陈巍月

Director: Mu Yuanyuan
Screenwriter: Mu Yuanyuan
Cast: Fan Cong, Chen Weiyue
Producer: Zhang Xinyi
Cinematographer:  Hao Jiangtong
Genre: Narrative short
Length: 25min
Year: 2022
Dialogue: Chinese
Subtitles: Chinese, English
Region: China
Production Company: None

故事梗概 Synopsis



Protagonist Zhang Yue meets a female painter, Liang Qian, who comes back to China after studying in France. There was never a motherlike character in Zhang’s memory because of her parents’ divorce. Her grandmother never talked about her mother, and even destroyed everything that is related to her at home. This sense of loss and isolation exists in real life—this film is based on a true story. Zhang gets a chance to study in France during college, during which her grandmother gives something about her mother back to her before passing away. Zhang walks along the riverside, following her mother’s old photo, and meets Liang. Liang is good at painting, just like Zhang’s mother, which implies the special relationship between these two. Zhang wants to give her mother a portrait as a gift and thus invites Liang to paint that for her. Their relationship and understanding towards each other get developed in the course of time. It becomes romantic, revealed through Zhang’s dreams. In the end, Zhang cannot figure out her feelings towards Liang. To those two girls, it seems impossible for Liang to have Zhang stay.

导演介绍 Director Biography

穆媛媛,女,陕西西安人,西北大学文学院MFA 2020级在读硕士。作为短片《答案》主创,曾在2021年第四届浙艺金鹄电影节暨原创影像大赛-短片单元中获得优秀奖。

Mu Yuanyuan is a female director born in Xi’an, Shanxi. She is now an MFA student at Northwest University School of Culture. One of the short films she worked on before, Da An (Answer), was nominated in the Short Film Unit in Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art Gold Swan Film Festival.

导演阐述 Director Statement


The film depicts an immature attachment and feeling. The society set obstacles that troubled those two girls when everything just started. It is very realistic for the protagonist, Zhang Yue, who is still unsure about her sexual orientation, to feel sorrowful and gloomy. In my story, it is an accident for the two to meet each other, but also determined for them to know each other. Zhang’s mother once took a photo by the Ba Liu Lake, while Liang often stays there, drawing and selling her portraits. They meet each other because of the painting. Similar to the story in the short film where the Sea Monster chooses to send the girl back to the human world because of “love,” Liang’s wish for Zhang to stay can only be a silent gaze at the end of the film.