Post: 拖延症 Procrastinator


对白语言:普通话 台语 泰语

Director: Etsen Chen
Screenwriter: Etsen Chen
Cast: Etsen Chen
Producer: Etsen Chen
Cinematographer: JUAN HSIANG WEN
Genre: Short film
Length: 12min
Year: 2021
Dialogue: Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai
Subtitles: Chinese
Region: Taiwan China
Production Company: A House Film Production

故事梗概 Synopsis

被疫情困在家的彦呈,迎来他的 29 岁生日。他决定今天要跟他两年未见的泰国男友分手,却在过程中遇到了重重阻拦。

Taiwanese man, Yen, had been in a long-distance relationship with his Thai boyfriend. Because of the Covid pandemic, they had not been able to see each other for over 2 years. In the difficulties of an unreal virtual relationship, Yen wanted to end it, but he was not sure what to do about this relationship stuck in limbo.

导演介绍 Director Biography


Etsen Chen is a filmmaker dedicated to gender and society issues. His first short “The Younger” was screened in many Queer film festivals. And his second co-directed short film “Lipstick” was premiered at Busan International Film Festival. He is Alumni of BIFF Asian Film Academy as part of the official program in Busan International Film Festival.

导演阐述 Director Statement

「拖延症」能以各种型态出现在⽣活之中,然⽽往往正在经历拖延的当下,我们并没有意识到在「拖」,抑或是反其道刻意为之。藉由这个半⾃传的作品,呈现两年的疫情期间,在 29 岁⽣⽇当天,由⾃⼰的⽣活状态、远距离的情感关系、⼯作模式来展开⼀名男⼦决定要与两年未⾒的泰国男友分⼿。期间,由⼀台计算机、⼀只⼿机、⼀串荔枝、⼀通朋友的祝贺视讯、⼀封朋友的语⾳讯息、⼀间脏乱的房⼦来暗⽰他内在与外在的冲突,及对情感关系的辩证。从家⽤监视器纪实感的⽣活观察;⼿机视讯内理性友⼈的精神拷问;泰国男友的视讯观点;蒙太奇的物件,堆栈出有意的拖延及埋在其底层的缘由。往往困扰的问题,正来⾃⾃体本⾝。明知解答却⼜四处寻思解答的内外冲突,⽽真正的悲伤,应该是展现在⽣活的笑闹之间。

“Two birds singing together in the sky, are like two lychees growing on the same branch”. Quoted from an old poem. It describes the emperor wishes to be together with his favorite queen forever. Besides the romantic story between them and literary classic, the truth of the story is that the emperor wastes time being with the queen and doesn’t rules his kingdom anymore. Therefore, the word ‘Lychee’ which is not only named from the queen’s favorite fruit(that’s how the name of sour-sweet fruit “Lychee” comes), but also derives from the word ‘Li-Chee’, means corruption and relationship falling apart with the same pronunciation in Chinese.

In the story, this couples had been stuck in an international long-distance relationship since the pandemic started. In the lack of being together and the barrier of language showed the life of long-distance relationship being even more difficult and virtual unrealistic in this new era. The relationship becomed indefinite and has not a destination. The one who tried to make some changes was keeping procrastinating. It also influenced his daily life. This relationship had gone bad, but he wavered to end the relationship. Life and relationship were stuck in limbo.