Post: Kenfil’s Positive Life 肯复的艾滋岁月


Kenfil’s Positive Life 肯复的艾滋岁月




编剧(Screenplay):麦家蕾Cat Mak、张锦雄Kenneth Cheung

导演(Director):麦家蕾Cat Mak、张锦雄Kenneth Cheung

主演(Actor):张锦雄Kenneth Cheung

制片人(Producer):麦家蕾Cat Mak、张锦雄Kenneth Cheung

摄影(Cinematography):麦家蕾Cat Mak、张锦雄Kenneth Cheung

录音(Sound):麦家蕾Cat Mak、张锦雄Kenneth Cheung

音乐(Music):<Finally We Are No One>, <Yesterday Was Dramatic Today Is Ok>, <Amilal>

剪辑(Editing):麦家蕾Cat Mak

字幕(Subtitles):陈裕亨Chan Yu Hang

翻译(Translation):郑远涛Silvano Zheng

制作机构(Production Company):香港彩虹Rainbow of Hong Kong

赞助(Sponsor):平等机会委员会Equal Opportunities Commission








It is hard to live as a gay man and harder to live as a gay and HIV+ man because you have no role model to learn from and have to make your own way.

There will always be discrimination in the world but it is important for us to know why we come out and stand here. If we wait for society to change by itself and wait for our families and friends to get ready before we come out, it will never happen.

“Come Out, Tell the Truth, Play the Game.” – Martina Navratilova






Bio-filmography of Director:

Cat Mak was born in the 80 century of Hong Kong, graduated at the Department of Cultural Studies at Lingnan University. She has been involved in social movements since 2003 and meantime started as an action-taker to document with a camera. Now Cat is the proud member of HKFS Social Movement Resource Centre(smrc autonomous8a) and V-Artvist. “Kenfil’s Years in AIDS” is her first feature film.

Kenneth Cheung(Kenjai or Kenfil), age 34, hospitalized by AIDs fourteen years ago, never thought of witnessing the Hong Kong 1997 Handover, the Millennium and the Beijing Olympic…He co-founded the LGBT organization “Rainbow of Hong Kong” in 1998 and established Hong Kong’s first service centre for LGBT community two years ago. Openly gay, he ran for a seat in the District Council election and hosted a “Freehugs for HIV/AIDS” action in downtown. He recently completed an associate degree in social work and founded “Rainbow of China”, resolved to contribute his rich experiences to the mainland in support of gay equal rights and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs for LGBT Chinese.





Director’s Statement:

The filmmakers say, “We want to tell a story, but it’s as long as life. When the story in the film is told, the life story goes on, develops and transforms outside the camera. The matters inside the scenes deduce in our daily lives and our future, it interacts with time, location, place, social environment, and audiences like you and me. This film is about the life of an individual. It is a creation as well as a combat.”

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