Post: 霰雪 Graupel Poetry



霰雪       Graupel Poetry

77 mins   2012剧情片 Narrative

中国大陆 香港 Mainland China, Hong Kong

编剧(Screenwriter):夏思维 Bruce Saxway

导演(Director):夏思维 Bruce Saxway

主演(Cast): 杨竣羽 Yang Junyu / 毛毅 Mao Yi / 赵姝妹 Zhao Shumei

对白(Dialogue): 中文Chinese

字幕(Subtitles): 英文English

制作机构(Production Company):Saxway Production




The inseparable brothers Leung and Ming came to the big city pursuing their dreams of being successful actors. Unusual intimacy emerged in their daily life. When the taboo was broken, Leung realized that he was just living underneath the shadow of his brother. Standing on the edge of moral boundaries, Leung tried to pull himself out from the reality, but his world had already fallen apart…




导演简历Bio-filmography of Director:



Hong Kong digital visual artist, Bruce X. Saxway, graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Film and City University of Hong Kong Department of Creative Media.

Director of short film “It’s All Written (2009)”

[Graupel Poetry] is the first independent feature film by the director.


导演阐述Director’s Statement:


We are sometimes facing our desires in subconsciousness, such as, in our dreams. But when someone’s mind is overloaded, he might twist the reality and his dream. This is a kind of attempt on making this structuralism conceptual story into a thriller. Above and beyond the dream theory, no matter the sexual orientation, gender or relationship, and regardless of moral boundaries, the story could be even more twisted and chaotic. The nightmare might be a loop of reflection on your ambition and desire, and you thought it would be the end but it just started.