Post: 雪地里的新娘 Snow Bride



雪地里的新娘   Snow Bride

90 mins   2009  剧情片 Narrative

中国 China

编剧(Screenwriter):楚楚 Chu Chu

导演(Director):纪君 Ji Jun

主演(Cast):寒冰冰Han Bingbing,王梓Wang Zi, 段卿卿Duan Qingqing

制片人(Producer):寒冰冰 Han Bingbing

摄影(Cinematographer):李佳超Li Jiachao, 庞博Pang Bo

对白(Dialogue in ): 中文Chinese

字幕(Subtitles in): 中英CN+EN

制作机构(Production Company):北京时尚冰冰文化有限公司 Beijing Fashion Bing Bing Culture Ltd.





The film tells a story about the main character’s pursuit of his dream of becoming a famous dancer. Ever since coming to Beijing at the age of 17 from a small forestry city in northern China, he was rejected by many performance art schools for looking too feminine. When his dream was finally shattered by reality, he chose survival. He started to work at different restaurants and constantly changing jobs in order to sustain the life in the big city.

Despite the judgmental stares and misunderstandings of the people around him, he found a way to continue his dance career by asking in a “role-reversal”. Once again, he was back on the stage. Reveled in the world of dance, as time passes, he could no longer separate his role from himself. To live out his ideal is to let his mind and body unite. He firmly chose to live out his ideals.


导演简历Bio-filmography of Director:


Director – He Chuchu, a passionate girl with full of enthusiasm for film from southern China. As an island woman, she endured indescribable hardships through blizzards and storms for her love of making  “Snow Bride”. She is a mother to her juniors, and treats them like her own children.


导演阐述Director’s Statement:





This real character, this true story, will impact each of us in our thoughts and in our minds! I hope each of us can treat it with sincerity, and give them their own piece of blue sky!

Each one of us is on a path to pursuit our own dreams; this path will be full of difficulties and hardships. After watching this film, I hope we can all find a glimpse of success through persistence. Success is not measured by the amount of money earned, or by the completion of some great feat. Through the sea of people, we might just be seeking a small wave, or pieces of falling snow flakes.

We are no longer restricted by the behaviors of small groups to expand our vision for greater passion. As filmmakers, we will uphold the attitude to respect the truth and logic, and to really show the little person through a small story.