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轮回的棋子   The Puzzles

40mins 2012 剧情片 Narrative

中国 China

编剧(Screenwriter):楚西  Chu Xi

导演(Director):安映憬 An Yingjing

主演(Cast):赵坤珏 Zhao Kunyu 赵雅涵 Zhao Yahan 张泰浩Zhang Taihao 盗版Daoban

制片人(Producer):安映憬An Yingjing

摄影(Cinematographer):安映憬 An Yingjing

对白(Dialogue in ):中文Chinese

字幕(Subtitles in):中英CN+EN

制作机构(Production Company):wonder studio



用动物之眼窥视着这个世界的神魔(盗版 饰)在百无聊赖之际,在众多棋子中选择了一枚特殊的棋子……

郝友艾(赵坤珏 饰)就是被神选中的棋子,她是一个古灵精怪的大学女生,身边总是围绕着许多朋友,而同班同学——沉默寡言的闵瑞(赵雅涵 饰)从中学时就暗恋着她,这一点,所有人都知道,就郝友艾不肯承认,用逃避来掩饰自己对闵瑞同样特殊的感情。历经种种波折和神的刻意撮合,她们选择了相爱,但却遭遇闵瑞的哥哥闵敢(张泰浩 饰)的百般阻挠……象征着命运的棋局会如何捉弄她们?她们又该何去何从?

A demon (played by Piracy) that watches this world through the eyes of animals, in the occasion of boredom selects a particular piece from a vast number of pieces…

Yuai Hao, (played by Kunyu Zhao) is the piece selected, she is an eccentric college student, always surrounded by many friends, yet her classmate – the taciturn Rai Yan (played by Yahan Zhao) have been in love with her since high school. This is a fact that everyone knows about, but Yuai keeps denying it. Using avoidance, in order to hide her own similar special feelings toward Rai Yan. After experiencing many unexpected twists and turns in events, they were destined to be together, and they chose love. But their love was unacceptable by Rai Yan’s older brother (played by Taihao Zhang), who tries everything to stop them from being together… The chess game symbolizes their fate playing with them, how should they play their move?


导演简历Bio-filmography of Director(500字内max 500 words):


Jingying An, Female, born in 1987. Graduated from Southwestern University Media Department Broadcasting major, specializes in directing, screenwriting, cinematography, editing, art, and sound. She is passionate for movies, art, and music. During her college years she was able to create many films, which gave her abundant experience, unique ideas, and full of personality. After graduation, she continued to make films in her spare time, and have been receiving wide praises from the Internet and recognition from her company.


导演阐述Director’s Statement:


<The Puzzles> is Chongqing Film Crew’s new project that transitions a young and fresh film to a LES film. This is a story about choice. The film uses a fantasy approach to reflect the different results caused by the difference in choices. Many times, people’s life experiences are caused by their choice in the moment of time. The emotions of homosexuals are more vulnerable than heterosexuals, so treasure those who love you and the one you love, and prevent many tragedies.