Post: 田纳西威廉姆斯的儿子们 The Sons of Tennessee Williams



《田纳西威廉姆斯的儿子们》   The Sons of Tennessee Williams

82 mins  2011纪录片 Documentary

美国 USA

导演(Director):Tim Wolff

制片人(Producer):Tim Wolff

摄影(Cinematographer):Eric Adkins

对白(Dialogue): 英文 English

字幕(Subtitles): 中文Chinese

制作机构(Production Company):Wolffhouse INC.




Mardi Gras狂欢节,扮装舞会和政治-除了在新奥尔良,什么地方能将这些元素集中到一起?《田纳西威廉姆斯的儿子们》把历史画面和现代访问交织在一起,记录了数十年来同志Mardi Gras狂欢节的发展史,并揭示出,Mardi Gras狂欢节的出现,是美国南方同志解放运动的重要因素。


50 years of New Orleans gay civil rights revolution

Mardi Gras, drag balls and politics–where else could these elements come together but in New Orleans? Interweaving archival footage and contemporary interviews, The Sons of Tennessee Williams charts the evolution of the gay Mardi Gras krewe scene over the decades, illuminating the ways in which its emergence was a seminal factor in the cause of gay liberation in the South.


导演简历Bio-filmography of Director:

本片导演Tim Wolff毕业于加利福尼亚艺术学院电影和戏剧导演专业,和导演Alexander Mackendrick及两度获奥斯卡奖的纪录片导演Terry Sanders师出同门。从1999年起,他在HBO电视台以制片人身份制作了四个作品。他为HBO广受欢迎的纪录片《与Wigstock: the movie的导演Barry Shils的真实性爱》制作了两个单元。《田纳西威廉姆斯的儿子们》是他与Wolfhouse公司合作的第一部纪录片(长片)。接下来是《是与不是的叙事曲》,一部既现实又魔幻的音乐喜剧(叙事长片)。

Tim Wolff received his education from the California Institute of the Arts Directing for Theatre and Film program, studying closely with director Alexander Mackendrick and two-time Oscar winning documentarian Terry Sanders. In 1999, he began the first of four productions at HBO as producer. He produced two segments for the popular HBO documentary show Real Sex with Wigstock: the movie filmmaker Barry Shils. The Sons of Tennessee Williams is his first feature documentary with Wolfhouse, Inc. Next up: The Ballad of Yes and No, a magical-realist musical comedy narrative feature.


导演自述Director’s Statement:


What you will see is the result of 2 years of searching for archival ball footage and still pictures. Thank god for the “vanity” factor. Despite the incredible loss of losing so many krewe members to AIDS and the damages from the flood waters, there was still plenty of such material and media for me to weave this story, without narration, which was my goal all along. This story is told by the men who lived it and no none else. I hope you will enjoy this microcosm of the American gay experience in the last half of the 20th century and appreciate the southern queens and the cast-iron fortitude that it has taken to prevail all through the years.