Post: 她“他”情未了 She and He II



她“他”情未了   She and He II

90 mins   2012  剧情片 Narrative

中国 China

编剧(Screenwriter):大菲 Da Fei

导演(Director):晓吴 Xiao Wu

主演(Cast):亮亮Liang Liang, 大菲Da Fei , 小亲 Xiao Qin

制片人(Producer):亮亮 Liang Liang

摄影(Cinematographer):晓吴 Xiao Wu


字幕(Subtitles): 中文Chinese

制作机构(Production Company):深圳市卡樂酒吧 Shen Zhen Ka Le Bar




Two years later, Kaka, Xiao Le and Xin Lei experienced a lot of shocking and struggling. What will happen to Hei Mo, Xiao Zhu, Duan Sisi, Dou Dou and Mu Chen? What comedy will be brought out by Qing Cai and Zhen Zhen? The confusing but deep relationship caused heartbreaking betray. What will the final ending be? Who will miss their happiness by accident? Or will it be completely a tragedy?

If I never experience it myself, I will never know I love you this much!


导演简历Bio-filmography of Director:


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