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T婆工厂Lesbian Factory
导演(Director):陈素香 Susan Chen

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In late 2004, 125 Philippines women migrant workers came to the Taiwan International Workers’ Association (TIWA) to file a complaint about not receiving their salary for three months. Their employer had illegally transfered the company’s assets to the mainland China and was planning to shut down the factory in Taiwan.

As a migrant workers’ movement group, TIWA tried our best to organize them to struggle, and at the same time planned to document this rarely seen collective protest of female migrant workers. However, while we were filming, sweet scenes of lesbian couples cuddling each other kept appearing in front of the camera. So the documentary of a labor struggle unexpectedly became a documentary of love stories.
The “Lesbian Factory” was a haven for lesbian love, and when their haven was destroyed, we saw these women courageously come out to fight against the  state policies that oppressed them. For love, they are moving fearlessly onward; for love, they clasp hands and stride together to the ends of the earth.






Bio-filmography of Director:

Susan, Su-Hsian Chen, born in 1960, after been a journalist for several years, she has became a full-time labor activist since 1991. At the most downturn period of her activist career, she joint the Full Shot Communication Foundation’s training workshop in 2003, to learn how to make grass root documentaries. Since then she has filming her communards in the movement and producing labor related documentaries. She also coordinated two workshops, teaching workers to make their won home DV, trying to use visual media to empower and organize workers.