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Bio-filmography of Mickey Chen

Mickey Chen is persistently making documentaries on queer and gender issues in Taiwan.  He also participates in street protests and believes that making documentaries can be an activist endeavor for social reform.  He started shooting his first doc《Not Simply a Wedding Banquet》  in 1996 and his works circulate in gay and lesbian, Asian-American, and international documentary film festivals.  In 1999, his 《Boys for Beauty》daringly went on theatrical release in Taipei and got great box office credit.  Thus he won the Independent Spirit Award in 1999 Taipei Film Festival.  Then he spent years investigating on a murder case of a sissy boy bullied in junior high school in the South of Taiwan.  In 2003,《Memorandum on Happiness》 chronicled the dramatic break-up and surprising domestic violence between a lesbian couple.  His latest piece《Scars on Memory》 marks Mickey Chen’s first decade in making queer documentaries in Taiwan.