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柜族 Chinese Closet


柜族Chinese Closet
对白(Dialog):普通话Mandarin 英文English
字幕(Subtitle):中英 Chinese/English
导演(Director):范坡坡 Fan Popo
制片人(Producer):David Cheng
制作机构(Production Company):中国酷儿独立影像小组 Chian Queer Independent Films


柜族 2

柜族 2

A large majority of LGBT people in mainland China remain in the closet. Most of these closet doors are kept tightly shut by pressure from friends, family, and society itself. This documentary hopes to explore the experience of coming out in China through a series of interviews with out homosexuals. The interviews touch upon the discrimination, suppression, and even violence they have endured as well as the touching moments where they experienced compassion and understanding. The documentary also covers gay rights activist and proud mother of a homosexual, Wu Youjian, who stands strongly by her son and other gay men in full support.

Out is the new in! Will you come out today?




Bio-filmography of Director:
Fan Popo

Gay film maker, Writer, Activist.
Born in 1985, graduated from Beijing Film Academy.

Published Happy Together: Complete Record of a Hundred Queer Films (Beifang Wenyi Press, 2007).
Third Prize in the LGBT Research Paper Prize, Chi-Heng Foundation;
Second Prize in the’s parize for online video;
Participation in directing China Queer Film Festival Tour in over twenty major cities in China since 2008. International exchange in Taipei, Copenhagen, Los Angeles etc.

List of works (as director):
2008 The Good Days, 96mins, the 5th China Documentary Film Festival;
From Tsinghua to Qinghai, 28mins, the World Urban Forum IV;
Taipei: city of rainbow, 10mins, the 1st China Queer Film Festival Tour.
2009 New Beijing, New Marriage, 18mins, the 4th Beijing Queer Film Festival, the 29th Vancouver International Film Festival; 21st Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival; 3rd Asian Queer Film Festival (Tokyo).
2010Chinese Closet, 88mins, the 2nd China Queer Film Festival Tour; 2011 Asian Hotshot Festival (Berlin); 11 th Seoul Independent DOcumentary Film & Video Festival.
Paper House, 20mins, 2010 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival.


Director’s Statement:
For most homosexuals living in China, coming out of the closet is not a simple matter. Families place great pressure on sons to carry on their family name. Breaking this strong rooted, traditional concept of marrying and producing an heir is one of the hardest tests for homosexuals in China.

I would like to share with you the joys and sorrows of the many out homosexuals that I recorded during the China Queer Film Festival Tour.

Coincidently, during the filming of this documentary, I too came out to my family. While I believe this to be a necessary step in my life, it was still a soul stirring experience, and one that allowed me to more realistically capture the heroes and their own coming out stories in this film.