Post: 柔情告白 Tender Fictions


柔情告白 Tender Fictions


柔情告白 Tender Fictions
1995,58mins,16毫米,彩色/黑白/有声16 mm film, color/B&W/sound.
摄影/录音/剪辑Camera/Sound/Editing:Barbara Hammer


Pioneer lesbian-feminist filmmaker Barbara Hammer constructs an autobiography before someone does it for her in this post-post-modern sequel to her 1992 award-winning documentary Nitrate Kisses.
Childhood stories of the artist as a young lesbian and intimate tales of the lesbian as a young artist underscore the filmmaker’s life of performances.  She robs an American Express in Morocco with a Swiss army knife and accosts a shepherd in a field on International Women’s Day.  Shirley Temple was the ideal by which Hammer’s ambitious mother measured her own Barbie, so Hammer tap dances on the the child’s star on Hollywood boulevard.
The stories will tug at your heart, the theory teases your intellect, and the fragile line between truth and fiction provokes you in this dense and hypnotic montage.