Post: 无言花 Tiramisu


无言花 Tiramisu


片长(Length):47 mins
编剧(Screenplay):廖跃羡Liao Yuexian 韩尘Han Chen
导演(Director):韩尘Han Chen
主演(Actor):郭佳Guo Jia  吴博瀚Wu Bohan  Grant  娄茗森Lou Mingsen  陆晓华Lu Xiaohua
制片人(Producer):陆晓华Lu Xiaohua  韩尘Han Chen
摄影(Cinematography):韩尘Han Chen
录音(Sound):李青Li Qing  Clare
剪辑(Editing):韩尘Han Chen
制作机构(Production Company):神鱼电影

无言花 Tiramisu 02



无言花 Tiramisu 03

无言花 Tiramisu 03

Speachless Flower. That lonely flower cannot help telling you that it lies. They are of tenderness but of secrets, of passions but of estrangement, of embraces but of confrontations. Three flowery boys, beautiful, but paralyzed in seeing their perishment. The ambiguous love raises imagined woman as protection; the body of lust offered as a comfort is soon held as captive of sentiments, thrown among ruins. The love is as undistinguishable as the hatred. My offering, can it ask for a receipt? Your departure, can I call an emergency? During the short stay in our life journey, I reserved one lamplight in my chest, leaving the other dying nowhere. In search for that lying flower, which survives, but speechless.



Bio-filmography of Director:
Kevin got his bachelor degree in filmmaking at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In the same time, he participated in several training courses, such as Hou Hsiao-hsien Director Master Class held by Hong Kong Baptist University, etc. Now, he is studying in Shanghai for his Master degree in Film & Television.