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Director: Qi Yang
Screenwriter: Qi Yang
Cast: Jinyao Jian, Elena A.Lavenson
Producer: Xin Jiang, Qi Yang
Cinematographer: Ran Xin
Genre: Feature Short Film
Length: 20min
Year: 2023
Dialogue: Cantonese, English
Region: USA
Production Company: —

故事梗概 Synopsis

当莉莉的母亲从中国来访时,住在旧金山的一对女同伴侣埃琳娜和莉莉之间最终爆发了冲突。 然而,一开始,莉莉的妻子埃琳娜对胜利异常友好。 很快,这种和谐的气氛和风景就要因为她们的女儿苏西而被打破。

Conflict eventually erupts between Elena and Lili, a lesbian couple living in San Francisco, when Lili’s mother arrives for a visit from China. However, at the very beginning, Elena, Lily’s lesbian partner, is unusually friendly to Shengli. Soon, this harmonious atmosphere and scenery are going to be broken because of the couple’s daughter Susie.

导演介绍 Director’s Biography


2013-2017 成都,电子工程,理学学士;2018-2020 上海,剧组/抖音短视频制作/艺术留学公司作品集制作;2021-2023 旧金山,电影制作,文学硕士。

Qi Yang

2013-2017 Chengdu, China, Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering; 2018-2020 Shanghai, China, film crews / Tiktok content creator / getting paid to help others’ film portfolio; 2021-2023 San Francisco, Master of Arts in Film Production.

导演阐述 Director’s Statement





As a person from the Asian community living in the North California, in a country as inclusive and multi-ethnic and multi-cultural as the United States, I want to be a part of the voice for the Asian residents, Asian Americans living here – especially the people who come from my own country, we Chinese.

For this reason, through my film, I’m willing to show the difficulties, injustices, and discrimination encountered by Asian people, as well as their strengths, advantages, and humanistic care. Moreover, I’m gonna also focus on the disadvantages inherent to our community and the inherent annoying stereotypes that may not be accepted by the people ourselves.

It is precisely because of those social themes that I want to touch on, that I strive to make a film that is objective and critical. Some people may say that if you love your people, you shouldn’t call them names, which is not true. But I think that if you just keep saying good things for a certain object, then you will never make me feel that you have your own mind. If a person has a mind, it must be two-sided –there are two sides to everything.

I love my country, because I grew up there. But in the end, I always hear someone whispering to me that, if you love your country, you shouldn’t criticize it. Ok.

By the way, I am deeply influenced by Taiwanese director Edward Yang, and as you have seen, in the two past paragraphs, I have learned to template what Edward once said to the public. In conclusion, I would like to say that I love movies, but at the same time use them only as a tool. I strongly believe in the impact of movies, but at the same time I believe that movies are dying in the current times.