Post: 迷之住所 House of Enigma


制片公司:Soft Cage Films

Director: Slade Warnken and Ying Dai
Screenwriter: —
Cast: Xitlali Celesté, Augus Wang
Producer: David A. Holcombe
Cinematographer: Slade Warnken and Ying Dai
Genre: Documentary Experimental Short
Length: 11min12s
Year: 2023
Dialogue: Mandarin Chinese, English
Region: China, USA
Production Company: Soft Cage Films

故事梗概 Synopsis

《迷之住所》是一部在国际范围内探讨性别问题的10 分钟短片。“谜”永远无法定义,而只能表达,两位来自世界两端的艺术家用相似的性别和艺术表达方式,探讨了作为“谜”而存在的意义。

House of Enigma is a 10-minute short film exploring gender on an international scale. Using gender and artistic expression alike, two artists on opposite sides of the world explore what it means to exist as an enigma, something that can never be defined, only expressed.

导演介绍 Director’s Biography


斯莱德,又名 Sw33t,是一位音乐家和纪录片制作人,主要关注我们是如何通过表演来表达身份、欲望和转变的。斯莱德居住在新奥尔良,她真正倾心于创造鼓励多学科合作的空间,《迷之住所》便是这样的作品。她的目标是创作出一部影片,能够将世界各地的酷儿艺术家们聚集在一起,通过表演和艺术表达,尝试描述在各自身体内部找到安家之所的无形感觉。

Ying Dai 代莹 (They/she)——联合导演


Slade Warnken (she/they) – Co-Director

Slade aka Sw33t is a musician and documentary filmmaker with a focus on how we express identity, desire and transformation through performance. Based in New Orleans, Slade’s true passion is creating spaces that encourage multi-disciplinary collaboration and House of Enigma was no different. Her goal was to create a film that brought together queer artists all over the world to try and describe the intangible feeling of finding a home in your body through performance and artistic expression.

Ying Dai (They/she) – Co-Director

Ying is a Chinese photographer, filmmaker, and a multi-disciplinary scholar. They are currently based in Chicago, IL and Madison, WI. Their work focuses on issues of gender, queerness, immigration, fat liberation, anti-imperialism, and BIPOC resistance and joy. Their creative motivations stem from a deep commitment to their communities and a fierce love for their friends. @yingggdai

导演阐述 Director’s Statement


House of Enigma is the transnational documentary project by filmmakers Ying Dai and Slade Warnken. The film explores the intricacy of drag and performance artist Xitlali Celesté (Chicago, USA) and dancer Yu’ang Wang (Shenyang, China) making sense of their relationship to gender-performance, artmaking, and imagination of the future. During the production process we fluidity became a central theme. As Xitlali explained to us, there is no one way to be trans or queer, we simply are. To be queer and trans is to be full of endless possibilities, and for Xitlali and Yu’ang, House of Enigma served as a way to show how art and performance allows them to transcend ideas of identity and to become an enigma. Opaque and explosive, their art becomes an armor that allows the softness and vulnerability of their excess of identity to flourish without fear of violence or rejection.