Post: 你快乐,所以我快乐 Happy BirthGay


制片公司:Megatron Production

Director: Niv Manzur
Screenwriter: Niv Manzur
Cast: Dorit Lev Ari, Noam Karmeli, Shifra Milshtein, Gilad Merhavi
Producer: Shira Braude, Niv Manzur
Cinematographer: Shahar Azmon
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Length: 16min
Year: 2022
Dialogue: Hebrew
Region:  Israel
Production Company: Megatron Production

故事梗概 Synopsis


Ronit throws her son Nadav a grandiose surprise party, celebrating a year anniversary of his coming out of the closet. However, he struggles to cooperate. Happy BirthGay is a sad farce about the mother’s closet, rather than the son’s.

导演介绍 Director’s Biography

尼夫·曼祖尔是来自以色列的电影导演和演员。他的第一部短片《你快乐,所以我快乐》获得了第 17 届特拉维夫国际LGBT电影节最佳短片奖,并被提名奥菲尔奖(俗称“以色列奥斯卡”)最佳短片奖。目前,尼夫正在表演学院深造,同时还在创作另一部短片。

Niv Manzur is a film director and actor from Israel. His first short film Happy BirthGay won the Best Short Film award at the 17th edition of the TlvFest, was nominated for the Best Short Film at Ophir Awards, colloquially known as the Israeli Oscars, and these days is being screened at festivals around the world. Currently, Niv is in the midst of his acting school studies as well as writing another short film.

导演阐述 Director’s Statement





Happy BirthGay highlights the mother’s closet rather than her son’s. Through the eccentric main character of the mom, the short film examines the inner world of gay people’s parents, a less common perspective seen in films.

The setting is in our time and culture, where accepting homosexuality is considered a consensus among the majority. Nevertheless, the path to authentic acceptance is yet to be far among many families, liberal as they may be.

The over-the-top BirthGay party provides an amusing viewpoint of the complex issues that the film deals with. The farce intensifies in light of the colorful frames, the dramatic camera movements, and the horror music.

The film deals with intergenerational dynamics within families, both in perceptions of gender and sexual orientation and in interpersonal relations. It also deals with the burden of family secrets that are energy-consuming and often passed down through generations.