Post: 骨与名 Bones and Names



Director: Fabian Stumm
Screenwriter: Fabian Stumm
Cast: Fabian Stumm, Knut Berger
Producer: Fabian Stumm, Nicola Heim
Cinematographer: Michael Bennett
Genre: Feature film
Length: 104min
Year: 2023
Dialogue: German
Region: Germany
Production Company: Salzgeber

故事梗概 Synopsis



Boris and Jonathan have been a couple for many years. But their relationship has reached a point where they might as well spend their evenings together separately: One lies in bed reading, the other works at a desk in the next room. While Boris immerses himself deeper and deeper into rehearsals for a new film with an ambitious director, Jonathan tries to redefine his voice as a writer. Ghosting through these days of wrestling with distance, closeness, trust, desire and fear of loss is Jonathans’ young niece Josie, who is trying out idiosyncratic ways to deal with the approaching end of her childhood.

Bones and Names, the feature-length debut of Fabian Stumm, portrays a group of people searching for their place in life. A sensitive and humorous reflection on the dissonances in relationships that connect and distance us from each other.

导演介绍 Director’s Biography

法比安·斯图姆,导演、编剧、制片人,1981 年出生于科布伦茨,曾在纽约李·斯特拉斯堡戏剧电影学院学习表演。他曾在柏林 HAU、慕尼黑室内剧院、柏林人民剧场、纽约厨房和伦敦泰特现代等剧院登台演出。他的电影作品包括凯特·绍特兰的《少女洛荷》、吕西安·弗斯特纳的《贝拉之吻》、莎拉·布拉斯基维茨的《珍贵的艾维》以及获得格力莫-普雷斯奖提名的系列剧《压力》。2020年他首次执导短片《布鲁塞尔》。2022 年,他的第二部电影《丹尼尔》获得“注意柏林”电影节最佳中长篇电影奖。《骨与名》是他的第一部长片。

FABIAN STUMM (director, writer, producer, Boris), born 1981 in Koblenz, studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute New York. He has appeared on stage at HAU Berlin, Münchner Kammerspiele, Volksbühne Berlin, The Kitchen New York and Tate Modern London, among others. His film work includes Lore by Cate Shortland, Bela Kiss: Prologue by Lucien Förstner, Precious Ivie by Sarah Blaßkiewitz, and the Grimme-Award nominated series Druck. He made his directorial debut in 2020 with the short film Bruxelles. In 2022, his second film Daniel was awarded Best Mid-Length Film at the Achtung Berlin Festival. Bones and Names is his feature film debut.

导演阐述 Director’s Statement


After the end of my last relationship, I felt for a while that a part of me had been submerged. Joan Didion once wrote: Remember what it was to be me. That is always the point. That speaks to me. I wanted to come to terms with the pillars that make up my life. To remember what is good and stable about it, what scares me or makes me sad, and why. But I only really became aware of that in retrospect, before and during the shoot there was only this inner motor that drove me. In a sense, the film reconciled and reunited me with myself.