Post: 新生皇后 Baby Queen


制片公司:Tiger Tiger Pictures

Director: LEI Yuan Bin
Screenwriter: LEI Yuan Bin
Cast: Opera TANG
Producer: LOOI Wan Ping
Cinematographer: LOOI Wan Ping
Genre: Documentary
Length: 61min
Year: 2022
Dialogue: English, Mandarin, Malay, Teochew
Region: Singapore
Production Company: Tiger Tiger Pictures

故事梗概 Synopsis


Baby Queen illuminates the struggles and joys of becoming who you want to be, and what it means to carve out a safe space in a society that is at times cruel to those who are different. Candid and clear-eyed in its portrait of queer life, the film celebrates radical self-acceptance as a personal yet deeply political act.

导演介绍 Director’s Biography

雷远彬是一名导演、剪辑师和摄影师,他的作品《03-FLATS》曾参加釜山国际电影节,《我梦到了新加坡》则在柏林电影节首映。他的第五部长片《新生皇后》在釜山电影节首映,他也是电影团体“13 Little Pictures”的创始成员之一。

LEI Yuan Bin is a director, editor and cinematographer. Lei is known for 03-FLATS (2014), which competed in Busan International Film Festival, and I Dream of Singapore (2019), which premiered at the Berlinale. His fifth feature, Baby Queen premiered at Busan. He is a founding member of film collective 13 Little Pictures.

导演阐述 Director’s Statement


Queer people often co-exist within a heteronormative society with strict gender binaries. Everyday is a constant negotiation of self versus societal norms. The drag community offers a safe space for them to escape these norms and be who they truly are. This queer support system is often under-represented, untold and misunderstood.

Particularly charming is the unique story of Opera and her 90-year-old grandma. The relationship between the two of them is filled with complex emotions that also reveals much about social attitudes towards queerness in contemporary Singapore.

The film is an invitation to go on an emotional journey with Opera Tang. It is the coming of age of a baby drag queen. Behind the glamorous make-up and costumes, is a human being trying to make sense of who they are and what they do.