Post: 是同性恋……那又怎么样 Gay, so what


导演(Director):让·巴蒂斯特·爱利加Jean- Batiste ERRECA

让·巴蒂斯特·爱利加Jean- Batiste ERRECA



Gay, so what?




编剧(Screenplay):让·巴蒂斯特·爱利加David Dibilo, Jean- Batiste ERRECA

导演(Director):让·巴蒂斯特·爱利加Jean- Batiste ERRECA

主演(Actor):La Prohibida, Didier Zheng, Frank Léon Roberts, Amanda Lepore, Phipp Tanzer, Emmanuelle Blanc, Daniel et Naira, Anna la Chocha, Ana Maria Reyes, 崔子恩CuiZi’en, Penny Arcade, Axelle le Dauphin

制片人(Producer):Fabrice Coat

音乐(Music):Fred Léonard

剪辑(Editing):Lionel Bernard

制作机构(Production Company):Canal+, Program 33




“我们和你们是一样的。” 同性恋融入异性恋社会后又会怎么样?这是否意味着同性恋社区的终结?后同性恋身份政治的宏伟蓝图是否正在展开?我们是否在以这种方式见证着新的生活方式和思维方式的到来?




After 25years of activism and militancy, proud speeches about the right to be different, so important in the last decades, has shifted into a need for assimilation and a sense of sameness :

« We are just like you ». What comes after integration ? Is it the end of a certain gay community, Is a new post gay outline underway ? We are witnessing the advent of new lifestyles and new waves of thinking ?

Welcome to a post-gay universe ! Agitators, activists, performer and artists from all over the globe take us into their world, far from tradiotional stereotypes which have become obsolete.

Men and women , each in their own way, embody a new and re-invented lifestyle ; a life « beyond homosexuality.