Post: 少年花草黄 Withered in a Blooming Season


少年花草黄 Withered in a Blooming Season



90mins 剧情片 2005年





Withered in a Blooming Season

2002        90mins fiction

Producer: Lv Jianmin

Direc­tor: Cui Zien

Cinematographer: Shi Yue

Cast: Xiang Wen Wang Guifeng














Xiao Feng and Wen Wen are twin brother and sister. They had always kept their child­hood habits: wearing the same design of clothes, sleeping in the same room, going to the same school – they live like each other’s shadow. This summer, however, Wen Wen started to wear clothes different from Xiao Feng’s and also insisted on staying in separate room with her brother. Xiao Feng couldn’t become accustomed to this. Every night, he would sneak back into the old room. To him, changing these habits was just like “weaning”.


Wen Wen’s dating with her boyfriend Xiao Jun was spotted by Xiao Feng. To split them, Xiao Feng attempted to seek “good guys” for Wen Wen. His priority choice was his buddy Le Le. However, Xiao Feng didn’t know that he himself was what Le Le really cared about.


Xiao Feng also managed by hook to expose Wen Wen’s “adolescent disturbance” to Gui Gui. After an “interrogation”, Gui Gui decided to put Wen Wen under a house arrest. But Gui Gui didn’t fire Xiao Jun, on the contrary, he promoted Xiao Jun to the position of manager.


Thus, Wen Wen became Xiao Feng’s object of monitoring, and the latter regained the pleasure of staying in the same room with Wen Wen. Yet, Wen Wen is no longer the Wen Wen in the good old times. She kept wreaking daily havocs at home and destroyed everyone’s peace. Xiao Feng was at the same time overwhelmed by and addicted to the troubles she made.


When Wen Wen exhausted all her tricks, she turned completely mute and went on a hunger strike. Xiao Feng hesitated to report to Gui Gui about this. He tried to pass milk to Wen Wen from mouth to mouth while she lost her consciousness. Wen Wen didn’t die of hunger, but started to throw up. She was sent to the hospital for ex­amination and the test result showed she was pregnant. Wen Wen refused to have abortion and she declared that she would for sure deliver the baby.


Xiao Feng started to hunt down the “father” of the “embryo”. Peng Peng disavowed his identity as the father. Xiao Feng tracked it down to Xiao Jun and threatened to send Xiao Jun to father. With a wish of restoring the relationship with Wen Wen, Xiao Jun admitted that the “baby” was his. However, when the three people sitting face to face, Wen Wen insisted that the “baby”’s birth father is someone else.


Xiao Jun proposed to feign the “birth father” but the offer was turned down by Wen Wen. To everyone’s amaze, Wen Wen declared that the real father is Xiao Feng. Le Le hit upon Xiao Feng and asked to be his boyfriend. Xiao Feng made the deal by asking Le Le to confess to Gui Gui that he is the “father” of Wen Wen’s baby.Le Le accidentally witnessed Gui Gui’s intimate actions with Xiao Jun. In the name of a “trade”, Gui Gui pardoned Le Le’s “crime”.


Le Le successfully fulfilled his mission and it was turn for Xiao Feng’s reciprocation. Xiao Feng, however, started to evade: he first refused to go strolling hand in hand with Le Le, then he stopped sending cell phone messages to Le Le. Le Le felt deeply hurt and he menaced Xiao Feng by claiming that he would disclose to Gui Gui that Xiao Feng is the real father of the baby. Xiao Feng has no option but to submit and went into Le Le’s bed.

Wen Wen eventually became able to date Xiao Jun with no restrictions. But Gui Gui started to put limits on Xiao Jun’s freedom and made Xiao Jun yield to his wills.


The heart-broken Wen Wen started to dress in the same clothes with Xiao Feng again. With back-packs on, she began a journey along rail track with Le Le. On the way, she told them, the baby she bore indeed belonged to Xiao Feng and she insisted she would give it the birth