Post: 上海男孩 Snake Boy


上海男孩 Snake Boy



2002年  60mins 纪录片









Snake Boy (Shanghai)

2002  60mins  documentary

Director: Michelle Chen




Coco Zhao, 24, jazz singer, has come out to the world. His world is Shanghai, former city of sin, these days a more conservative home for gays. But he has yet to tell his mother, a traditional Chinese opera teacher in the distant province of Hunan.

Coco was born in 1977 in Hunan Province. His parents were both local opera teachers and Coco was brought up to respect the opera traditions of the area. At the age of 10, Coco went to study folk songs at the Middle School of Wu Hai Music Conservatory. While he was there, he had his first homosexual experience with a man much older than him. In 1993, Coco came to Shanghai to study music composition at the Shang­hai Music Conservatory. To make ends meet, Coco took a job as a singer in local nightclubs. He got chances to meet with several openly foreign homosexuals and he absorbed from them a lot of ideas of how to singing and to live. Coco’s life has been full of ups and downs, including a friendship with Kika, and underground novelist, a love affair with Jelmer, a Dutch dancer, and a failed suicide attempt. In the years since, he has gone from strength to strength. He is now a successful jazz singer with a lot of fans. He sings in many bars and nightclubs across town. He is about to record an album. And he’s not afraid of his sexuality anymore. There’s just one more hurdle. He has to tell his mother.



陈苗, 女,1969年出生,上海人。1987年考入北京电影学院导演系,开始了电影历程。1992年又进入美国俄亥俄大学电影系攻读硕士研究生。从俄亥俄大学毕业后,她在美国好莱坞Fox World Wide公司先后担任制作经理和联合制片等职。1998年她从美国回到上海。国外的历练为她的作品提供了一种国际视角和广度。几年来, 她作为制片人和导演制作了一系列文艺类纪录片,《夜上海》、《我属蛇》、《上海恰恰》被称为上海三部曲,先后在凤凰卫视,、中央电视台、上海电视台播出,并入围了多个国际电影节,如温哥华国际电影节、阿姆斯特丹国际纪录片电影节、国际教科文组织纪录片论坛等。


Director biography:


Born in Shanghai in1969, Michelle Chen entered Beijing Film Academy in 1987 and started her career on cinema. In 1992 she went to Ohio University to study cinema. After graduated, she worked for Fox World Wide company as production manager and co-producer. In 1998 She returned to her hometown to see the results of the city’s renewal. She is familiar with the local mentality, while she also has an international perspective to bring to bear on their situations. She made a series of documentaries which were the Trilogy of Shanghai: <Shanghai Night>, <Snake boy>, <Shanghai qiaqia>. Her films were selected by several international film festivals, as Vancouver film festival, IDFA etc.