Post: 《Double》 Double




2013| 7 min | 孟昭旭 Jackie Meng

剧情短片 Short Narrative

编剧 Screenwriters

柯思悦 Yvett Ke, 孙洁 Iris Sun

主演 Cast

白丛熙 Owen Bai, 应璐婷 Pearl Ying

制片人 Producer

柯思悦 Yvett Ke

摄影 Cinematographers

钟伟 Eric Zhong, 孟昭旭Jackie Meng, 任浩 Paul Ren

对白语言 Language

中文 Chinese

字幕 Subtitles

中英 Chinese, English

制作机构 Production Group

上海影途文化传媒有限公司 Shanghai Into Media Cultural Ltd. Co.


故事梗概 Synopsis

Benson与Aaron 是一对孪生兄弟。乖巧勤奋的哥哥Aaron深深地爱上了自己的英语老师Samantha Wu,而Samantha却偏偏爱上了玩世不恭的弟弟Benson。为了哥哥,弟弟Benson做出了一个惊人的决定,终结这一场扭曲的错爱……

Aaron, a hardworking sophomore, has a crush on his English teacher Samantha Wu, who is deeply attracted to another young man. This wild young man, Benson, happens to be Aaron’s twin brother. Struggling painfully, Benson finally finds a crazy way to put an end to things.


导演简历 Bio-Filmography of Director

孟昭旭,男,就读于上海东华大学,在校期间,担任ATA Global Biomedical Material Congress; 2013的全程摄影师。作为摄影师拍摄过一些婚礼微电影,与西班牙学生合作拍摄一生产手机壳公司“BEDI”的互联网广告。90后新锐导演,曾拍摄多部短片,包括心理悬疑微电影《解离409》、第二届大学生原创音乐大赛主题曲MV《我是先锋》、三角恋题材短片《Double》等,其中《Double》获得48小时微电影大赛上海赛区第二佳影片称号。

As a post-90s new director studying at Donghua University, Jackie Meng directed several short films. His representative works includes a psychological suspense film called Room 409, the music video of the theme song of the Second College Original Music Competition, and a short video about gay love called Double, which was selected as runner-up for Best Film in the Shanghai division of the Global 48-hour film project. He also played the role of cameraman in an advertising film for ‘BEDI’ with a Spanish team.


导演阐述 Director’s Statement

Double 讲述的是一个有关同性恋,三角恋的悲剧故事。影片总体的基调是阴暗的,隐晦的,这种气氛的渲染主要以演员的台词及动作表现、较多的特写、反差较大的光比及冷色调画面、较慢的镜头剪辑速度以及配乐来实现。




Double is a tragic story about a gay love triangle. The overall tone of this short narrative is dark and obscure. The key elements rendering this atmosphere are the actors’ lines and performances, close-up shots, high contrast, cool color tone, and last but not least, music.

The protagonist, Benson, seldom speaks. He puts on makeup and kills Samantha calmly in dim lighting, a fact which indicates that this man is quite disturbed and has a seriously troubled heart.

There are three scenes in this short narrative. The first and third have little dialogue. To render the plot, it mainly relies on sophisticated camera settings, actors’ performances and music. The second scene takes place in a classroom. Its main task is to present what looks like ordinary teaching activities. A day of seemingly mundane teaching activities, however, is actually a suggestion of danger.

The story presented in the script probably will not happen in reality. However, similar love triangles and character like Benson , definitely exist. They are self-centered and cannot communicate well with people and the environment around , when such obstacles piled they will behavior abnormally and eventually make the creepy move. We should work on how to use scientific methods to make this small part of people to embrace human society, and this is where the meaning of this story lies.)