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Links Love

2014 | 90 min | 夜奔 Ye Ben

剧情长片 Feature Film

编剧 Screenwriters

夜奔 Ye Ben, Dongdong, 系 Xi,Sylvia

主演 Cast

高娅媛 Gao Ya Yuan, Sylvia, 系 Xi, 潘恩蓓 Pan Enbe, 赵可Zhao Ke, 邵曦玥 Shao Xi Yue

制片人 Producer


摄影 Cinematographer

唐成骎 Yang Cheng Qin, 夜奔 Ye Ben

对白语言 Language

中文 Chinese

字幕 Subtitles

中英 Chinese, English

制作机构 Production Group

深秋小屋女性文艺网站 Autumn House Women’s Literary Website


故事梗概 Synopsis



Four white-collar women in the city, each with different life paths and personalities. Seven and Sylvia struggle with learning how to truly accept each other’s love, while Xi and Amber’s relationship faces the test of afive-year itch. Through an unexpected occurrence, the women encounter a magic spirit that gives them super powers, allowing them to see things that don’t reveal themselves in real life, and encouraging them to find their true selves and true love. With laughter, love, and friendship, the four women are finally able to reach a joyful ending.


导演简历 Bio-Filmography of Director

夜奔, 1980年5月出生, 金牛座, 西安美术学院油画专业毕业,北京电影学院导演进修班进修导演, 从业影视传媒多年,是多档栏目监制。情景剧《家有健客》编剧、导演现任北京世通华纳集团节目总监。新浪微博:@方咏平-无语夜奔。


Ye Ben was born in May, 1980 and graduated from the Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts with a degree in oil painting. Ye Ben received training in film direction at the Beijing Film Academy and has worked in the film and television industry, including as producer of several TV shows, for a number of years.


导演阐述 Director’s Statement



Dongdong, the producer of Links  Love, had been encouraging me to do a film about marginalized women. I hope that the LGBT community finds some positive strength through this film, which entertains but also expresses the freedom of love.