Post: 《那些人…》 Those People…


Ces gens la


Those People…

2013| 5min | 诺米·维伊拉Noémie Vieillard

纪录短片 Short Documentary


故事梗概 Synopsis

2013年1月13日。“Manif pour tous (为众人发起的游行)”示威活动。反同性恋抗议活动,一名女性的宽容解读

March 13th 2013, “Manif pour Tous.” An anti-gay demonstration as seen by a woman who defends tolerance.

Ces gens la - Noémie Vieillard导演照

导演简历 Bio-Filmography of Director

诺米﹒维拉德(Noémie Vieillard)是一名31岁的女性,她热衷于图像,以及图像传递的信息。她曾当过护士, 时间帮助她不断累积知识和提高技能。她总是随身携带相机和高清摄像头,  她想要通过她的视角记录事件以及传递信息

Noémie Vieillard is a 31-year-old woman who is passionate about the image and the messages it can convey. She first worked as a nurse and over time deepened her film knowledge and expertise. She always keeps her camera close at hard as a way of calling to mind and conveying messages through her eye.