Post: 《甜蜜18岁》Sweet Eighteen




Sweet Eighteen

2012 | 88 min| 何文超 He Wenchao


剧情长片Feature Film



何文超 He Wenchao


主演 Cast

周文奕Zhou Wenyi, 祁琪 Qi Qi,滕飞 Teng Fei, 郑爽 Zheng Shuang,刘前程 Liu Qiancheng, 杨涛 Yang Tao



魏仲环 Wei Zhonghuan


摄影 Cinematographer

徐伟 Xu Wei


对白语言 Language

中文 Chinese



中英 Chinese, English


制作机构Production Group

海南仙寮投资有限公司Hainan Xianliao Investment Co., Ltd.


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He Na lives with her mother Zhang Lan in a small city on the shore of the Xiangjiang River. She can’t understand why her mother is so madly in love with a young thug named Lin Guo. One day, He Na discovers that Lin Guo is having an affair. When she tells her mother, it triggers a series of sudden changes. Meanwhile that same summer, He Na and two other eighteen-year-olds named Xia Hong and Li Cong have some unusual experiences in love and life. When He Na finally understands the pain of love, her heart becomes closer to her mother…




导演简历Bio-Filmography of Director



He Wenchao was born in 1983. She holds a master’s degree from the Film and Television Department of the Central Academy of Drama.

She played a role in the films Trap Street and Huayao Bride in Shangri-La. Funded by a script grant from the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television, Sweet Eighteen is her first feature length film. It has been nominated for prizes at the 15thShanghai International Film Festival, the 4thMacau International Film Festival (best screenplay and best producer), the 11thRussia Film Festival (best new work), and the 20th College Student Film Festival. It won the Red Maple Special Prize at the Vancouver Chinese Film Festival in 2014.


导演阐述Director’s Statement




Shakespeare wrote that the power of love is peace—that love doesn’t care about reason, norms or pride. With love, fear, shock and pain all become sweet. Sweet Eighteentries to express that you can become a more mature person when you have an understanding of love.