Post: 《我们害怕》 Shanghai Panic







Shanghai Panic

2001 | 85 min | 程裕苏 Andrew Yusu Cheng

剧情长片 Feature Film

编剧 Screenwriter

程裕苏 Andrew Yusu Cheng

主演 Cast

李智楠 Li Zhinan, 棉棉 Mian Mian

制片人 Producer

程裕苏 Andrew Yusu Cheng

摄影 Cinematographer

程裕苏 Andrew Yusu Cheng

对白语言 Language

上海话 Shanghainese

字幕 Subtitles

英文 English


故事梗概 Synopsis




Bei Bei is a young Shanghainese man, a former ballet star, who has had a fever for the better part of a month. He has red spots all over his body and feels run down. Worried that he has contracted HIV, he tells his best friends Kika, Fei Fei and Casper. Frightened, the four spend their time getting high on cheap drugs, hanging out in KTV rooms, and wandering down to the waterfront to ruminate on life and love in the city. As they come to terms with the possibility that Bei Bei may really be sick, the foursome comes closer together, sharing stories of attempted suicide and betrayal. The plot also involves a love story between Bei Bei and his friend Jie. They grew up together and are very confused about their sexual orientation. Bei Bei denies he is gay but at the same time tries to persuade Jie to have sex with him. He is also very threatened by Jie’s sexual interest in girls.


导演阐述 Director’s Statement






《我们害怕》是一个人的电影:我是作品的制片人、导演、摄影、剪辑、录音及编剧。《我们害怕》又是一起的电影。没有爱、友谊、责任和执着,我们无法完成此片。拍摄时,我无法冷静旁观,居高临下审视调度故事的戏剧性,无法算计出情节、概念或符号来赢得投机。拍摄时,我把摄像机当成我自己。运镜上,我竭力避免不必要的晃动摔动和所谓的流畅。一旦镜头喧宾夺主,必须立即龟缩。一旦龟缩过头,则大胆处理调整, 上海终没在我们手里被再一次强奸成美女飘香满地黄金。


In a city where everything is possible, discovering who you are is the wildest ride of all.