Post: 《夜》 The Night




The Night

2014 | 95 min | 周豪 Zhou Hao

剧情长片 Feature Film

编剧 Screenwriter

周豪 Zhou Hao

主演 Cast

周豪 Zhou Hao,刘潇潇Liu Xiaoxiao,李晋康Li Jinkang,周丰琦 Zhou Fengqi, 莫欢 Mo Huan

制片人 Producer

周豪 Zhou Hao

摄影 Cinematographer

杨占文 Yang Zhanwen

对白语言 Language

中文 Chinese

字幕 Subtitles

中英 Chinese, English

制作机构 Production Group

来路影视工作室 Next Way Studios


故事梗概 Synopsis



A young man stands in front of a mirror. The night belongs to him. Every evening, he appraises his appearance and, attired in a new shirt, leaves his apartment to wait in a poorly-lit alleyway for his johns. One night he meets a female prostitute of his age who’s new to this part of town. They flirt and wander the streets, toy with the idea of renting their bodies out to each other, and name themselves after flowers: he calls himself Tuberose and she, Narcissus. The strangers they follow remain faceless—until Rose, a one-night stand, falls in love with Tuberose. With help from Narcissus, Rose uses all his charm to try to win over the young sex worker. Although Tuberose responds with cool reserve, it becomes increasingly difficult for him to remain aloof. In this visually impressive, sensual film debut in which the director also plays the leading role, twenty-one-year-old filmmakerZhou Hao demonstrates all the poetic intensity of a Jean Genet in describing these three misfits’ mutual search for intimacy. The love songs of Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng help the protagonist get in touch with his locked-away emotions.


导演简历 Bio-Filmography of Director



Zhou Hao was born in 1992 in Chongqing. He was born into a working class family. Since he was a child, he has had a strong interest in the arts. Later, in high school, it became more obvious that literature, music and film art were to a part of his life. As he wanted to pursue his passion, he has since September, 2011 been studying RTA (Radio and Television Arts) in the School of Media at Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

In recent years, Zhou Hao has discovered a way to realize himself as an artist: produce films. For him, film can be a perfect combination of art, literature, music and photography. Since then, he has directed several short narratives. While making those short narratives, he decided to challenge himself by making a feature film. Thus appears his first feature film The Night.

In recognition of his talent, The Nighthas been selected for screening at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival.


导演阐述 Director’s Statement



The initial idea was inspired by the story of Narcissus in Greek mythology. The story is about a beautiful boy who falls in love with his own reflection, then falls in the river. I wanted to do a modern adaptation of this story, exploring the type of narcissistic personality trait that leads to suicide by drowning. With thoughtful planning, organization of ideas and careful selection, the story has evolved into a treatment of several marginal figures with passing interactions with one another throughout the night. Although the initial idea has changed beyond recognition, the idea of Narcissus and narcissistic situations were nonetheless carried out magically throughout the film.