Post: 《何娜老师》 KUMU HINA





2014 | 77 min | 地安·海墨 Dean Hamer

纪录长片 Feature Documentary

主演 Cast

黄贵光 Wong-Kalu

制片人 Producer

小粥 Joe Wilson

动画制作 Animation

Jared Greenleaf

作曲 Composer


对白语言 Languages

英语,夏威夷语,汤加语 English, Hawaiian, Tongan

字幕 Subtitles

英文 English

制作机构 Production Group

Q波,Q Waves


故事梗概 Synopsis

想象的世界里,一个小男孩长大后成为他梦想中的女人,和一个年轻女孩能上升到成为一个优秀的领导者。欢迎来到KUMU HINA的夏威夷。Hina Wong-Kalu 是一个变性夏威夷本地的老师。她利用传统文化,激发学生成为所有男性呼啦剧团的领导者。 HINA另渴望爱情。将她的婚姻对一个年轻人从汤加实现她的梦想? KUMU HINA是一个了不起的故事,它告诉夏威夷崭新的一面。

Imagine a world where a little boy can grow up to be the woman of his dreams, and a young girl can rise to become a leader among men. Welcome to Kumu Hina’s Hawai’i. During a momentous year in her life in modern Honolulu, Hina Wong-Kalu, a native Hawaiian māhū, or transgender, teacher uses traditional culture to inspire a student to claim her place as leader of the school’s all-male hula troupe. But despite her success as a teacher, Hina longs for love and a committed relationship. Will her marriage to a headstrong Tongan man fulfill her dreams? An incredible docu-drama that unfolds like a narrative film, KUMU HINA reveals a side of Hawai’i rarely seen on screen.


导演简历 Bio-Filmography of Director

地安·海墨是一个电影制片人, 作家和科学家。他已经赢得了艾美奖,圣丹斯电影节奖,纽约时报图书奖。自1986年以来, 他已多次访问中国,与年轻的科学家和活动家的同志的工作。

Dean Hamer is an Emmy and Sundance Award winning filmmaker, New York Times Book of the Year science author, and LGBT activist with a long history in communicating complex and controversial ideas to diverse publics. Together with partner Joe Wilson, he has directed and produced films on a variety of social issues that have screened and won awards at over 100 film festivals around the world. Their first feature documentary, OUT IN THE SILENCE, developed into a national anti-bullying and pro-equality campaign in rural and small town America. Their new film KUMU HINA is the core of the new A Place in the Middle movement, which advocates for gender diversity especially for youth.


导演阐述 Director’s Statement



At a time when transgender and gender nonconforming people the world over face hostility, violence, discrimination, rejection and even murder, KUMU HINA shows the possibility of a more just and inclusive world based on Hawaii’s tradition of aloha—unconditional love and respect for all.

With the world premiere of the film as the closing night feature at the Hawaii International Film Festival, the Kumu Hina team is embarking on a global campaign to spread a message of cultural preservation, empowerment, and gender diversity and inclusion across the U.S. and around the world. The aim of the campaign is to help audiences see themselves, their families, schools and communities in powerful new ways and ensure that no one, particularly youth, faces harassment, discrimination or violence because they don’t conform to society’s traditional view of gender norms.