Post: 记忆列车 The Train of Memories


摄影:陈志明 隋少茞
对白语言:中文 闽南语

Director: Zhiming Chen
Screenwriter: Zhiming Chen
Cast: None
Producer: Yijun Ke
Cinematographer: Zhiming Chen, Shaoju Sui
Genre: Experimental documentary
Length: 3min56s
Year: 2022
Dialogue: Chinese, Hokkien
Subtitles: Chinese, English
Region: Taiwan China
Production Company: None

故事梗概 Synopsis


One day, when I opened the moisture-proof box which had been sealed for a long time. I found that it was loaded with film and picture that I had printed by myself in the past. I scanned and captured them one by one with a scanner, and edited them together. When I play it fast, the film looks like the scenery that outside the window of the train flashed across by my eyes. The train of thought which in my mind is to pass through the past that full of struggles and depressive memories when I seek self-identification. Through the images of broken memory, I constantly recombine them and collect the sounds of daily life. Finally, it let me can released my mind from the bitter days to the better days, and lives brilliant that like a kaleidoscope every moment in my life.

导演介绍 Director Biography


I am studying at the National Taiwan University of Arts for a master’s program in Graduate Institute of Creative Video and Digital Media Industry currently. And I have worked at DIGIMAX INC. and DIGITAL VISION LTD for professional colorist.

导演阐述 Director Statement


I specialize in collage art and experimental images which the ideas are based on the phenomena and experiences from daily life. I would like to use sound to sketch the reality and dream of the work, trying to find a trace of light and warmth in the darkness.