Post: 陌路狂欢 Strangers In Paradise



Director: Huang Yihong
Screenwriter: None
Cast: Huizit, Songsong, Jimmy, Ren
Producer: Zhang Yichuan
Cinematographer: Sun Yu
Genre: Short Documentary
Length: 17min
Year: 2021
Dialogue: Chinese
Subtitles: Chinese
Region: China
Production Company: BIE

故事梗概 Synopsis

《陌路狂欢》将跟随池糖在成都举办的派对,到达 2020 的最后一晚。在派对里,在舞蹈中,我们可以放下烦恼和思索,性别、风格、气质和我们爱谁及被爱,是流动且跟随内心的,刻板的界定阻止不了年轻人们用自己的方式传达爱和勇气。这是派对留给年轻人们的烙印和激荡,也许短暂但是足以补充继续上路的能量!

Strangers In Paradise records the party held by Chi Tang in Chengdu, celebrating New Year’s Eve 2021. In the party, we dance and cast off all worries. Our gender, style and temperament are fluid and follow the heart, we can love anyone and be loved by anyone. Rigid stereotypes do not stop young people from communicating love and showing their courage. This is the inspiration that party leaves to the young ones, maybe briefly but enough to replenish the energy for them to keep on going.

导演介绍 Director Biography


Huang Yihong was born in Xiamen and now living in Shanghai, she is a director works for BIE. Her short Hi There won the best commercial short film in 2021 HiShorts! Film Festival.

导演阐述 Director Statement

两年前,我们与 Huizit 和 Jimmy 一起,在 C.O.W 酷儿派对度过了 2020 的最后一个夜晚。Huizit 是成都池糖派对的主办人之一,同时也是一名 DJ 和摄影师,她的人和她的 set 一样,充满带有侵略感的坚定和热情。Jimmy 也是池糖派对的前主办之一,现在也是一名 house dancer,他和他的舞蹈一样,看似柔软又带着坦诚。当下二十多岁的年轻人,被巨大的系统和标签挤压,无意义的日常,被分割的关系,似乎都无法逾越,逼迫年轻人缩到一个狭小的安全区域里去,年轻人还总是被告知,他们无法面对大于自身的问题。但 Huizit 和 Jimmy 在面对社会界定的性别标准和生活方向时,展开了勇敢的探索,温暖又坚定的吸纳着需要安全的归属之地的朋友们。

Two years ago, we spent the last night of 2020 at the C.O.W. Queer Party with Huizit and Jimmy. Like her set, Huizit, a DJ and photographer who also co-host the Sugar Party in Chengdu, is extremely determined and enthusiastic. Jimmy, also a former host of the party and now a house dancer, is as soft and honest as his dancing. Today, twentysomethings are squeezed by gigantic system and rigid stereotypes. It seems difficult for them to get rid of routine and handle the relationship problems. The harsh reality forces young people retreat into a small safety zone, and they are constantly being told that they have no right to concern big issues. However, Huizit and Jimmy bravely explore new possibilities beyond hegemonic gender norm and mediocre life, providing a warm shelter for those in need.