Post: 2019 北京酷儿影展征片启事 12th Beijing Queer Film Festival – Call for Film Entries




1.   影片属于酷儿题材,类型不限(剧情、纪录、实验、动画等均可),时长不限;

2.   影片完成时间为2018年1月1日之后;

3.   作品没有在往届北京爱酷电影周上放映;

4.   本届影展华语片对外公开征片的截止日期是2019年8月20;外语片对外公开征片的截止日期是2019年8月15


1.       填写完整的报名表一份第十二届北京酷儿影展征片启事

2.       影片高清剧照3张+海报1张+导演个人照1张

3.       报名建议使用影片网络链接(可加密码)




12th Beijing Queer Film Festival – Call for Film Entries

Founded 18 years ago, the Beijing Queer Film Festival (aka Love Queer Cinema Week) is one of the only grassroots film festivals in China focusing on independent queer film screenings and cultural exchange activities. We aim to expand public discussions on sexuality / gender identity / gender expression, we aim to give a platform to sexual and other minorities in China and the World, and we celebrate diversity. Under a difficult domestic social and political environment, we remain alive year after year thanks to the help, solidarity and support from many civil society groups and individuals.

In the Fall of 2019, the 12th edition of the Beijing Queer Film Festival will take place. We are calling for submissions of all sorts of queer films from filmmakers around the world.


1.   All queer themed films are allowed, all genres and lengths are accepted, including documentaries, features, shorts, animations, experimental films etc.

2.   All films have to be produced after January 1st, 2018.

3.   Only films that haven’t been screened at the Beijing Queer Film Festival will be selected.

4.   For Chinese-language films, the submission deadline is 20August 2019.

5.   For foreign-language films, the submission deadline is 15August 2019.

 All submissions should include:

·      Filled-out entry form of 12th Beijing Queer Film Festival Entry Form

·      High-quality film poster, director headshot, 3 film stills

·      Online secure screener link / password (preferred).

·      If you don’t have an online screener, please contact us at info@bjqff.comto arrange for submission with a DVD copy via post mail.

Please send your submission, including entry form and all film materials, to We will update you on our selection by September 2019.