Post: 藏在我身体里的少女 The Little Girl in Me



藏在我身体里的少女   The Little Girl in Me

100 mins   2012  剧情片 Narrative

日本 Japan

编剧(Screenwriter):窪田将治(Shoji Kubota)

导演(Director):窪田将治(Shoji Kubota)

主演(Cast):川野直辉(Naoki Kawano)

制片人(Producer):小关智和(Tomokazu Koseki) 斉藤三保(Miho Saito)

摄影(Cinematographer):根岸宪一(Kenichi Negishi)

对白(Dialogue): 日语 Japanese

字幕(Subtitles):  中英CN+EN

制作机构(Production Company):藏在我身体里的少女制作委员会“The Little Girl in Me” Film Partners





An honest coming-of-age film about cross-dressing, in which a reclusive young man learns of the existence of “Josoko” (men who wear women’s clothing) and begins to reconnect with society. Written and directed by Kubota Shoji, it was his third movie in consecutive years to be officially selected by the Montreal World Film Festival.

Kensuke (Kawano Naoki) joins a company straight out of university but quits after only half a year, and his pessimistic view of life leads him to hole up in his bedroom. His family indulge him and he spends his time doing very little, but his curiosity is aroused one day when he discovers a website for cross-dressing men.


导演简历Bio-filmography of Director:

1974年生于宫崎县。1997年毕业于日本电影学院。师从剧作家池端俊与导演细野辰兴。毕业后,在制作独立电影的同时,也执导音乐电视和时尚秀等等。2006年以电影《Zoku》进军大荧幕。2009年以描写女子摔角的电影《Three Count》开始了自己的长篇电影生涯。

以导演,编剧作品《失恋杀人》(2010)(主演:宮地真緒)《CRAZY-ISM》(2011)(主演:马场良马)以及《藏在我身体里的少女》(主演:川野直辉)连续三年收到蒙特利尔世界电影节“Focus on World Cinema”部门的邀请,在海外也得到了很高的评价。

Born in Miyazaki, Japan in 1974. Graduated from Japan Academy of Moving Images. Studied under Mr. Shunsaku Ikehata and Mr. Tatsuoki Hosono. After his graduation, he started his career as director of music videos, fashion shows and so on while making independent films. He debuted in the movie world with the film of ‘Zoku’ in 2006. In 2009, his movie ‘Three Count’ on female wrestlers helped him to decide his career as a feature film director. His following three films ‘Lovelom Murder (2010)’, ‘Crazy-ism (2011)’ and ‘The Little Girl in Me (2012) ’ were nominated by the department of ‘Focus on World Cinema’ from the Montreal World Film Festival.


导演阐述Director’s Statement:




I am honored to be able to participate in the Beijing Queer Film Festival as film director of ‘The Little Girl in Me’. The film is about cross-dressing, in which a young man tries to find his place getting through some pressures from the society.

Working as film director is not easy in Japan where many directors are not artistically aware. Therefore, Kensuke, the main character of the film can be viewed as a shadow of myself as a minority in a society.

I hope that you feel how he keeps his courage with him despite all the hardship. Looking forward to hearing from your feedback!!