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Panel Session 1



Did you see me? Bisexual Revolution!




The Chinese LGBT movement has continuously spent little attention on bisexual topics.  Up till now, bisexual voices have seldom been heard, and there hasn’t been much focus on the stigma bisexuals have to deal with.  This panel session wants to change the present situation.

Taking its cue from the French documentary “Bisexual Revolution” – a film which gives ample insight into bisexual topics through interviews with European and American bisexuals, LGBT activists and artists – it aims to ignite the bisexual revolutionary flame in China.





嘉宾(拟请): 苏茜 韦婷婷等


Time: 21 June 2013, 14.30pm

Place: French Embassy in China

Host: Jin Yelu (Assistant Professor Department of Humanities and Creative Writing, Hong Kong Baptist University)

Guests (TBC): Susie Jolly, Wei Tingting



Panel Session 2



Did you see me? At the Margins of the LGBT Movement




When asexual activists handed out leaflets during the Gay Pride in San Francisco, the queers living in this sexual capital were totally taken by surprise.  When transgender man Tony revealed his identity to his friends, they all started to cry.  When Qiu Aizhi made up their mind to publicly reveal their intersex identity, they took a huge step forward in breaking down barriers…

You might not have noticed these people, yet they also form part of the LGBT community.  This panel session focuses on the diversity within the LGBT community, and examines how the LGBT movement can better embrace this diversity.





嘉宾:丘爱芝 Tony等


Time: 22 June 2013, 18.30pm

Place (TBC): Renmin University

Host: He Xiaopei (Founder Pink Space Sexuality Research Centre)

Guests: Qiu Aizhi, Tony



Panel Session 3



Film Censorship in China




Film censorship presents an endless conundrum for filmmakers in China and suppresses creativity and freedom of expression.  The general prohibition on LGBT-related content in films has been a huge obstacle for queer film production in China, which has only been able to develop underground.

During recent years, gay characters have occasionally popped up in mainstream films – does this signal a change in the present censorship system?  What will happen when the present system is changed?  Can a film classification system solve the current problems?

This panel session invites scholars and directors to share their views on the present and the future of film censorship in China.






嘉宾(拟请):谢飞 张洋 郭晓飞 等


Time: 23 June 2013, 14pm

Place: The Netherlands Embassy in Beijing

Host (TBC): Fan Popo

Guests (TBC): Xie Fei, Zhang Yang, Guo Xiaofei