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彩虹芭乐   Rainbow Popcorn

63mins  2012 纪录片 Documentary

台湾 Taiwan

导演(Director):陈素香 Susan Chen

制片人(Producer):吴静如 Wu Jingru

摄影(Cinematographer):陈素香Susan Chen

对白(Dialogue):中文/英文 Chinese English

字幕(Subtitles): 中文Chinese

制作机构(Production Company):社团法人台湾国际劳工协会Taiwan International Workers Association






Rainbow Popcorn is the story that follows after Lesbian Factory. In 2004 Taiwan International Workers Association (TIWA) came to support the protest of hundreds of Pilipino migrant laborers in their strike against their employer, Fametech Electronics. During this process they discovered that many of the workers happened to be homosexual partners, thus gave the inspiration in making the first documentary Lesbian Factory. 6-7 years have passed since then, what happened to those star crossed lovers in their pursuit for a way of life, have they found what they were looking for? The TIWA film crew set out once again to continue following their footsteps across the world, to the Luzon islands in the Philippines, Iloilo, Mindanao, and even Dubai in the Middle East. Documenting their love stories, battling gender identity and crossing social boundaries with their changing lives. As lesbian migrant workers, circumstances in their social environments are constantly shifting. Like migrating birds, they never have a piece of soil they rest on for long, or maybe because of this, we can never keep up with their ever-changing love or their migration speed.


导演简历Bio-filmography of Director:


Suxiang Chen, Born in 1960, former Reporter, joined the Taiwan workers movement and became an organizer in 1991. In 2003 during the lowest point of the workers movement, she joined the documentary film training at [Panoramic Propagation Foundation], where she first attempted to document homosexual workers in the labor movement and labor-related issues; thus using film and media as a way to give empowerment to the organization and the workers.


导演阐述Director’s Statement:




I have been engaged in working for the rights for migrant workers for the past 10 years now. Due to the nature of the temporary migrant worker system, I have seen batches of workers come and go. Some of them I have developed close relationships with, but as time passes by after they leave for other places, most of these relationships gradually fade away. Making these documentaries Lesbian Factory and Rainbow Popcorn is like finding the line to a long lost kite, and not letting the stories of these lesbian workers fade out in thin air. But how long would their own struggles last? During the postproduction of Rainbow Popcorn a feeling of sentimental farewell lingers on, like getting ready to let go of the line on the kite; where would our future be? What else would be experienced in life? Across time and space, what kind of circumstances will come across next? In thinking about these things, I became aware of the unfixed soils of the migrant workers, discovered new attitudes toward the ups and downs of life through these human sophistications and wisdom. Through these 8-9 years of filming, I was very fortunate to learn from the people I was filming and enhanced my understanding of a different vision of life, which is to me, the supreme happiness.