Post: 小岳同志 Comrade Yue



小岳同志 Comrade Yue

30mins 2013 纪录片Documentary

中国 China

完成时间(Accomplished Year):

导演(Director):岳建波 Yue Jianbo

摄影(Cinematographer):岳建波 Yue Jianbo 赵棣 Zhao Di  王孟楠Wang Mengnan

对白(Dialog): 中文 Chinese

字幕(Subtitles): 中英CN+EN

制作机构(Production Organizations):酷儿大学Queer University 同志亦凡人Queer Comrades 中国酷儿独立影像小组China Queer Independent Films



小岳出生在一个传统的家庭,生长在一个更传统的小城市。前不久刚和父母妻子出柜离婚的小岳每天过着一个人的安静的生活。上班(扛沙袋)、跑马拉松、搞摇滚乐、找男人、谈情做爱。 小岳的父亲干了一辈子矿工,朴实善良的父亲一出生也许注定被那个传统的时代传统一辈子,以至于人还没死就要按照传统为自己提前修建好坟墓。面对传统的家人传统的城市,小岳依然坚持自己的生活,坚持每天跑马拉松,坚持听摇滚乐,坚持找男人,坚持干自己喜欢的事情,坚持……

Yue was born in a traditional family, growing up in a even more traditional small city. He is living a peaceful life after coming out of the closet with his wife and his parents. Going to work (carrying sandbags), running marathons, and playing his rock music, picking up men, and talking romance with them. Yue’s father also worked as a miner all his life, his whole life was determined by the traditions having lived in a more traditional period, even to make a grave for himself before he is even dead. For a traditional family in a traditional city, Yue persists on living his own life, he persists to run marathon everyday, persists to listen to rock music, persists to look for men, and persists to do what he likes, he persists…



导演简历Bio-filmography of Director:

1980年7月5日生于山西省左权县山架沟村  1986年到1993年在山西省阳泉市南庄煤矿子弟学校度过了目前为止最纯洁的小学时光  1994年到1997年在山西省阳泉市第四中学度过了朦胧 彷徨 纠结 的中学时光  1998年到2000年在山西省阳泉市技工学校度过了无聊的技校时光  2001年2002年8月在广东惠州线路板厂  阳泉市建筑工地 饭店 私营小店等打工  2002年8月到2012年期间在阳泉市南庄煤矿做矿工  2012年1月至今在阳泉市南庄煤矿做场上杂活搬运工

Born on July 5th, 1980 in ShanJiago Village in Shanxi Province. From 1986 to 1993 attended the Nanzhuang Coalmine School and spend the most pure time of his elementary life. From 1994 to 1997 attended the Number 4 High school and spend a hazy wondering and tangled high school life. From 1998 to 2000 attended Tech school and spend a boring tech school life. From 2001 to 2002 worked at a circuit board factory, a construction yard, a restaurant, and a small shop. From 2002 to 2012, worked as a coal miner in the Nanzhuang Coalmines. From 2012 until today, he is working as a chore porter for the Nanzhuang Coalmines.


导演阐述Director’s Statement:


An accidental chance allowed me to participate Queer University training program organized by the Queer Comrades lead me to collaborate with the organization to create this documentary film. This is actually a very real and straightforward film that reproduced my comrades as the representative for the underlying Chinese living conditions. With authentic sounds and clips from the real underlying Chinese people, this story is my own confession to the cruelty of youth.