Post: 人生大事 Rites of Passage


《人生大事 Rites of Passage》剧照2

人生大事 Rites of Passage

19 mins   2011  纪录片 Documentary


导演(Director):Jeff Roy 杰夫.罗伊

对白(Dialogue): 英文 English

字幕(Subtitles): 中文Chinese

《人生大事 Rites of Passage》剧照3



Rites of Passage is a documentary short that examines the spiritual and emotional side of sex change through the story of a devout Muslim from India (Maya Jafer), who was persecuted by her orthodox Muslim family and religious community for deciding to undergo sexual reassignment surgery. Filmmaker Jeff Roy follows Maya to Thailand, along a difficult journey as she struggles to maintain her faith while fighting for personal liberation.