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爱回温 3 L Affairs

爱回温3 L Affairs
对白(Dialog):英文 English
字幕(Subtitles):中英 Chinese/English
完成时间(Year): 2011年
编剧(Screenplay):彭陌勰 Moxie Peng
导演(Director):彭陌勰 Moxie Peng
主演(Actor):Richard Parsley周辰宇Mario Zhou Kirsten Klitsch
制片人(Producer):Lee Jason
摄影(Cinematography):Ian Robert Knight
制作机构(Production Company):Moxie Peng’s Film Studio


It’s a love story between 3 people who are named as Luc, Laurence, and Liz. Luc is a young Chinese guy working in a foreign company in Beijing, who is secretly in love with his foreign boss Laurence. But later he finds that Laurence is very close to a girl Liz. He decides to move on but suddenly things change. What is love going to lead these three people to? The movie will tell you in three chapters. It tells from three people’s angels to unveil the truth beneath love.


Bio-filmography of Director:
Moxie Peng, male, was born in Hunan Province in 1987, a Sagittarius. After graduation from college, he starts to work as a media PR and also to make independent films. His works include many short stories and scripts. 3 L AFFAIRS is one of his very first trials in film directing area.


Director’s Statement:
This is my first experimental film. Because of the very low budget, I put more thoughts on the story itself rather than strong camera and sound work. It unveils the truth of life and love and ends in a kind of optimistic way. I know there is a lot of secrets and misunderstandings between lovers, never to mention between gay lovers. Thus I try to make this relationship even more difficult. I make them in different ages, different positions at work, different countries. This multi-culture love story is what I am aiming for. It becomes very sensitive and even more delicate. But there’s still hope in the end, which is very rare in gay love stories and which I really want to show people.

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