Post: 沙哑的春天 Raspy Spring


沙哑的春天 Raspy Spring

沙哑的春天Raspy Spring

片长(Length):8 mins
对白(Dialog):普通话 Mandarin
字幕(Subtitles):中英文 Chinese English
完成时间(Year): 2011年5月
导演(Director): 管盛盛Guan Shengsheng
主演(Actor):孟诺 Meng Nuo 王泽霖Wang Zelin
摄影(Cinematography):李剑 Li Jian
制作机构(Production Company):管盛盛影像工作室Guan Shengsheng Video studio


沙哑的春天 Raspy Spring 2沙哑的春天 Raspy Spring 3

Caochangdi in spring. B visits A, the owner of a small store. They dance. B shares a small joke with A. Life happens.


1976年生,现生活工作于北京,主要作品有短片《一盘豌豆》,《中国独立影像文献调查》,《 2008年冬 》,《呐喊,为了中国曾经的摇滚》。摄影《同志亦凡人》栏目, 艾未未《童话》纪录片。

Bio-filmography of Director:
Guan Shengsheng was born in 1976. She’s currently living and working in Beijing. Her main works include the short films “A Plate of Garden Peas”, “A survey of independent filming in China”, “The Winter of 2008”, “Shout! For Chinese Rock & Roll that was”.  She also built up a strong reputation as a camerawoman, working on the LGBT webcast “Queer Comrades” and the Ai Weiwei documentary “Fairytale”.


Director’s Statement:
“Raspy Spring” is not a descriptive film – it’s a challenge I set myself. The film can be seen as a visionary dream located in China’s Caochangdi. I challenged myself to film something I couldn’t see, to manage the space in a new way and to use a new filming style and language.

“Raspy Spring” lingers on warmth which is constrained in a small place and on vapid happiness, and shows how these give rise to blazing vitality and emotions.